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Trying to remember a movie I saw years ago

I was up late one night about 15 years ago and I got watching this movie.

I always thought it was called “Paris” but it wasn’t, as IMDB don’t list it.

It was about a hooker, she was blonde, walking the streets, she had various clients. She had someone after her, and there was a sequence where she got raped in the back of this kid’s van and then thrown out on the road.

Does it ring any bells for anyone?

Don’t know it, but I’ve had similar queries that bugged the Hell out of me for years. Films that had stuck in my head after watching them on TV yeaaarrrs ago and I wanted to seek out again.

Here’s how I solved them, go to IMDb boards and type it in the I Need To Know section…someone should throw you up the answer right away…

Was it a British film?

American. Looked tacky but was quite gritty.

I remember once scene when she was having dinner at a posh place and she picked something up with her fork and says “Looks like a dick” bites into it and spits it out "Ugh, tastes like a dick!"

It was a very vivid memory

Ah! That’s hilarious! I so wanna see it now. I hope someone can come up with the title soon.