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True Romance (director's cut)

I absolutely love True Romance. I think it’s one of the most romantic flicks ever. Tony Scott did a terrific job. I love Pat Arquette. She’s such a cute face and gives Alabama the right feel.

Also Brad Pitt was hilarious.

I just can’t wait for the new DVD.

Have you ever seen a film, its something youve never seen before and in the first five minutes of the movie you say to yourself : This movie is gonna be one of my favorites. ? Well back when I first saw True Romance, that happened. As Clarence was talking to that hooker chick about how he was gonna see a Sonny Chiba triple feature and fucking Elvis. I was hooked. What a breath of fresh air too. A fun movie from beginning to end, colorful characters, great music, lots of pop culture references, cool as hell dialogue. I consider True Romance a total QT film, just directed by Tony Scott. It just is totally QT from beginning to end. Cant wait to see whats on the DVD for extras etc.

QT said that he considers True Romance to be like an Elmore Leonard story but it was written by him. Thats pretty cool. Elmore Leonard was a big influence on QTs writing/dialogue style.

I will DEFINITELY be picking up the True Romance S.E. DVD set when it’s released.

And the Pulp Fiction S.E. DVDs

And the Jackie Brown S.E. DVDs

And the Reservoir Dogs 10th Anniversary DVD

;D ;D ;D ;D

Yeah, that August QT dvd shit is going to kill me. I have already bought a shit load of dvd’s this month, the best being the Royal Tenenbaums.

Oh yeah, True Romance is one of the greatest movies ever made, I had the same feeling five minutes into it. Actually, it was when he was in the comic shop with her.

True Romance is fu**ing brilliant.

The scene with Hopper and Walken is pure genius.

And the same music from “Badlands” is great.

I would rather have the original Tarantino ending

but it’s still a Quality motion picture.

Anyone know what Avary’s involvement with that movie is? Apparently it’s too complicated for him to talk about on his site. Any info?

that’s hard to tell. True Romance and Natural Born Killers was once a 500 page script called “open road”. and that was a huge chunk of tarantino/avary ideas, dialogues and stories. a result of their video-archives friendship, so more or less co-written by avary I guess.

I never knew that True Romance and Nat Born Killers were part of one big script. I thought they were completely separate stories.

Im kind of tired of the whole Roger/QT thing. At least with Kill Bill we dont have to hear Roger saying “Oh I made that part but didnt get any credit” stuff.

I haven’t seen in English yet, but I like Arquettes German voice, it’s so clear. But did you know that in the German TV version they even cutted dialogues ang gave the movie an alternative ending in which it looks like Clarence died.

But in the uncut version it’s QT’s second best behind Pulp Fiction.

True Romance is one of my favorite movies! Before I became a QT fan I loved that movie… then once I started looking for stuff by Quentin I then knew why I loved the movie so much… the character development, the story is classic QT. And the climax… when the mob, the police, and Clarence’s gang all collide that was so beautifully written and acted so well… I was sitting tense through the whole thing not knowing how it was going to end.

But my favorite scene of the whole movie is Chris Walken and Dennis Hopper. They way Dennis’s character so subtley decided that since he was going to die, he would leave his killers with a mind-fuck that would they would never forget. Two superb actors, blessed with the perfect scene.

I also liked when Clarence went to the restroom during the “big deal” and Elvis was talking to him, his usual confidence and ego boost stuff and Elvis actually checked his gun for him… I thought that was hillarious. It had genuinely funny moments, and it was tragic and heart-warming at the same time. It is an all-around good film.

I will definitely pick up the DVD, I read from the review posted on this site that there are LOTS of extras, I cant wait to see them, I’m esp. interested in the alt. ending that Quentin and the director had such different opinions on while filming.

i’d be interested if anyone’s thinking that the non-DC ending is better?

i have never seen the theatrical cut, so i am just wondering how people thought about it

I love the non-DC ending. Its the way I saw it first. So its how I always see the movie as being. The Tarantino ending is great in the script, (I haven’t actually seen the DC), but I would imagine I’d prefer the theatrical ending.

I have only seen the theatrical version, and i must say i didn’t really like the ending. i’m gonna rent the DC version because of this post, so thanks for telling about it. when i’ve watched it i’ll give my opinion. Im guessing it’s better. ;D

Just listened to some of the Director’s Commentary by QT and was surprised he was actually offered by Tony Scott to direct this movie but turned it down to do Pulp Fiction!

A wise move on his part. True Romance was great, but Pulp Fiction was the better project.

I think the reason QT gave for not directing True Romance or Natural Born Killers was that they were his first early scripts and by the time he made Reservoir Dogs he had already begun down the directing path with a new script, so he didnt want to go backwards in time so to speak and direct those older projects.


Hi, I just registered on this site, but I’ve been coming here for a while now. You guys are talking about a DC ending and a non-DC ending and I just bought “True Romance original uncut and unrated version” here in Belgium. I saw it today and I was wondering which ending my version has. In my version, they are all at the room in the hotel and everybody starts shooting each other. Then Clarence came out of the bathroom and gets shot. First Alabama thinks he is dead, but then she notices that he is still alive. They take the money, go out of the hotel and drive off in their car. As a final shot, you see Alabama & Clarence at the beach with their son Elvis.

Can anyone tell me what ending this is and how it is different from the other ending?

Hey Clarence, first of all welcome to the board!

The ending version you have is the one by which Tony Scott wanted to end the movie. Scott wanted Clarence to survive in the final shoot-out; and changed the ending of Tarantino’s orginal script. In one of the deleted scenes present in the “True Romance: Director’s Cut” DVD; there is the alternative ending where Clarence dies and Alabama gets out of the hotel alone. The scene ends with her stopping a taxi and wandering off to somewhere. Hope this helps.

Yes thx, so the alternative ending is the theatrical ending you guys talked about. Haven’t seen that ending, but I think I got the best ending. I don’t like the sound of a dead Clarence in the end. I wish I had the director’s cut dvd in stead of the one I have now. My version is also a 2-disc version, but my second disc hasn’t got many extras as the director’s cut edition. Unfortunately I’ve never seen that director’s cut dvd in Belgium though. But I love the movie, so I’m glad I own the dvd anyway. I’m a huge qt fan, but I only own pulp fiction, jackie brown and True romance. The reason for this is that I just started collecting dvd’s like 2 or 3 months ago so I only have like 17 dvd’s, but I will certainly buy FDTD & Reservoir Dogs in the near future.

P.S.: Very nice site, by far the best qt site I’ve seen on the internet.