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Attention everybody. If you’re waiting for the QT FILM FESTIVAL, don’t look any further than your TELEVISION!

TRIO (that is a TV channel owned by Universal Pictures) is going to air a selection of movies by Quentin Tarantino.

These are Spaghetti Westerns, Bike Movies, Comedies, Secret Agent and Monster movies.



Don’t miss out on that (instructions on how to get Trio, see links)

if you’ve seen any of those movies, this is the topic to post your reactions.

I dont have TRIO and Im not gonna be able to see this. Damnit.

A fuckin QT Film Fest on TV and I cant even see it. :frowning:

I have Navajo Joe (Spaghetti Western) and The Savage Seven (Biker film)on VHS. Both are 2 of my favorite Grindhouse films.

The rest : The Professional Gun, Hells Belles, The Human Vapor, The Creature with the Blue Hand, The Cat Burglar, Bus Rileys Back in town, Crazy House, Hi Diddle Diddle, Danger Route, Deadlier than the Male.

I havent seen any of those.

Someone please record the whole thing, all the movies and Quentin Tarantino’s comments before and after the movies… And upload on the internet thanks…

Send me a Private Message if you think you can record the whole thing on your PC, that you know how or can learn how to encode the movies in DivX but you need help and good idea how to put it on the internet so 1000 people can download it…

Can u get TRIO outside the us?

[quote]Can u get TRIO outside the us?  [/quote]

nope. maybe in canada?

somebody should tape this entire motherfucker :slight_smile:

I’m sure this has already been posted or whatever, but if you go to <LINK_TEXT text=“ … endly=true”></LINK_TEXT> there’s an interview with QT where he talks about that, sort of… Kinda cool. ;D

check this out:

i wonder if this is a re-run… they aired this tarantino festival along with interviews last year

Starts tonight! Missed it the first time. Can’t wait.

I would love to upload them for everyone, but my computer is way too clunky to handle anything like that…

I watched Navajo Joe last night. That was damn cool, and the death of the main bad guy (I forget his name) reminded me of one shot in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

[quote]I watched Navajo Joe last night.  That was damn cool, and the death of the main bad guy (I forget his name) reminded me of one shot in Kill Bill Vol. 1.[/quote]

Axe to the head, right? 8)

Did they show the widescreen version of Navajo Joe?

[quote]Did they show the widescreen version of Navajo Joe?[/quote]

Yes. By and large they were very respectful of aspect ratio. The only movie that wasn’t played in OAR to my memory was “The Human Vapor”…and I feel pretty confident that it simply must’ve been an availability issue.

They did a great job. Print quality was also extremely good on just about everything. I think they pretty much always used the best copy they could find. Both “Foreign Chillers” were dubbed, but I’d certainly guess that was a Tarantino preference.

And, to my eye, there was absolutely no editing for content. Trio runs commercials, so everything had to be TV PG or thereabouts…and I think QT deliberately chose movies that would not need editing interference to pass through censors.

In fact, the commercials were about the only flaw at all…

I also wanted to note that those of us who have been watching this stuff (or are already familiar with the movies played) got a HUUUGE sneak preview of Vol. 2’s soundtrack. Pretty cool.

Yeah it was great watching Navajo Joe and The Mercenary and hearing A Silhouette Of Doom and L’arena.

I thought deadlier than the male was pretty hilarious especially the end,

‘‘You wearing her hairpiece!?’’ KABOOM

Oh i wish QT’s fav films were being shown here in the UK!!

Do any of you think this will happen again [even If I dont get Trio]

Damn it,!!! there are some serious downers to living in the U.K. and this is one of them! :frowning:

Trio has been off the air since December of last year.

[quote=“Mr.Baby Stomper”]
Trio has been off the air since December of last year.
really? that tells you how much I love trio lol!