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Trailer Trash!

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Eli Roth has come out and told that he wants to do an entire movie full of fake movie trailers. The film will be entitled TRAILER TRASH and will contain GRINDHOUSE-style faux trailers done by many famous directors. Edgar Wright, Greg Nicotero and Robert Rodriguez have all reportedly approached Roth about doing trailers for his TRAILER TRASH.

Yeah I read about this earlier today, im not crazy about the idea.

yeaa i posted dis in the hostel 2 thread but i like the idea of it but i really want a thanksgiving full movie.

Yeah I read about this earlier today, im not crazy about the idea.

I agree. I love trailer compilations as much as the next guy, but seeing an entire movie filled with trailers for films that won’t exist is overkill.

yea i kinda agree but i like dat trailers thing.

i dont know i think i can handle it if its about an hour and a half no longer

what they should do is plan to make all the trailers into movies den when like eli roth comes out with hostel two and other directors come out with movies put them at the end of the movie kinda like a also look for then show them.

Why not do a Kentucky Fried Movie type film with a bunch of shorts? Two hours of fake trailers with no meat and potatoes would be pointless IMO.

yeaa i like the idea of the short film movie. kinda like a creepshow kinda thing?

I wish they would do more movies like Kentucky Fried Movie but KFM isnt just a bunch of trailers they had skits to(show me your nuts!)

i never seen it i gotta check it out.

its a great fucking idea to me…

roth talked about doing tanksgiving AFTER he did the trailer

so you do 20 trailers, you wait for the audience to like some of them, and THEN you direct films, while knowing that people will like it

pretty clever!

Sounds cool but I wouldn’t want to sit and watch trailers for 90 minutes.

I doubt this will be released in theaters if it ever gets made. It will probably go direct to dvd just like Machete.

This sounds cool, but i’d much rather see a Thanksgiving feature…and if this happens, then Thanksgiving will most likely not happen. If any thing, i’d want some like this with like a 15 minute reel of different grindhouse movies, like quentin was talking about with showing the first reel of Cowgirls In Sweden

I downloaded 42nd.Street.Forever.Vol.1(Grindhouse Exploitation Trailers).Xvid-SER

over 2 hours of great grindhouse trailers
Where at? im dying to see all three of their dvds but after watching all the trailers im gonna want to see the movies but alot of them are really hard to find.