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Total Film nOv 03

hi, do any1 have the article about KILL BILL from TOTAL FILM with Uma on the cover, i think its Nov 03 Issue?

send here or to thid adress…thanks!

why don’t you try

I have it, but my scanner’s broken and I can’t type the whole thing cause it’s too damn long. But it might interest you to know that Total Film gave Vol. 1 five stars and proclaimed it second best movie of the year. :slight_smile:

What was the best movie of the year?

The list was included in the january issue, which I don’t own. But that’s what I read back at the imdb boards. I’m betting it’s LOTR though.

I just obtained the February issue of Total Film and the list of top 20 movies is included. (Bear in mind that this is a UK mag, so some movies which came out in 2002 in the US are also included in here. And there’s no ROTK probably because the reviewers didn’t manage to see it before the list was published). Anyway, here goes:

20. Jackass: The Movie

19. In America

18. Narc

17. Spellbound

16. Mystic River

15. Irreversible

14. Etre et Avoir

13. Gangs of New York

12. Solaris

11. Pirates of the Caribbean

10. Rodger Dodger

9. X-men 2

8. Spirited Away

7. Punch-Drunk Love

6. Master and Commander

5. About Schmidt

4. Adaptation

3. Finding Nemo

2. Kill Bill: Volume 1

  1. City of God

the top 2 are great, but where the fuck is ROTK mutha fuckaz???

Actually I just read the whole thing and noticed there’s a footnote in the bottom of the page saying ROTK wasn’t screened in time for our Top 20. Here’s what they had to say on Kill Bill:

And, lo, Quentin did wander off into the wilderness for six years…And then returned with a killer. Of course,some tabloids squealed at the excessive blood-splashing (the Daily Mail even had the lack of imagination to link it to a rash of gun crime - this when it was released within weeks of Bad Boys 2). And some fans bemoaned the stripped-down, action-heavy/dialogue-lite stylings, as if every QT offering from here to eternity should be a Pulp Fiction Xerox.

But, even though it’s only technically half a movie, Kill Bill: Volume 1 undeniably deserves its ranking. As an exercise in style, it’s unparalleled, from the impactful anime interlude, to the sly, referential soundtrack, to Uma’s iconic Game of Death togs. As an action movie, meanwhile, its firm coreography and trad techniques manage to make the multi-million-dollar-wolfing- likes of the Matrix Revolutions look as compelling as a messy, boozy pub punch-up.

Derivative? Yes. Self-indulgent? Oh, definitely. But Tarantino snorts, smokes and mainlines cinema. His regurgitation tastes better than anything a Michael Bay or Jan De Bont could ever cook up. Volme 2 now - and quick.

Also, they even proclaimed Uma Thurman as woman of the year. :smiley:

That some cool article, and Uma finally gettin recognition for her hardwork.

total film is the best movie mag out there i had that issue with uma on the cover but i cut out al the pictures n put on the door of my bedroom in my flat.i havent seen city of god but its supposed to be fantastic but i think kill bill is my favourite movie ever.I got a terrible pirate copy of it for christmas from my bro but at least the proper 1 is out here soon

"But Tarantino snorts, smokes and mainlines cinema."

That’s a great quote.

I fucking hate Total Film. A year or so ago they said that Reservoir Dogs (Reservoir Dogs!) was over-rated or something and DIDN’T GIVE IT 5 STARS. I hate that magazine