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Top Three Best Books concerning films of Quentin Tarantino?

HI All,

I have looked over everyone’s comments about books on QT, and have a much too long, list of possibilities. For those of you, who have read a number of them, which three would you advise for someone who has read none so far? Preferably including some books QT himself, has praised somewhere before, in interviews or articles? Thanks so very much. Any responses are appreciated in advance.

There are just too many to choose from, which speaks (loudly) of the validity of his much heralded contribution to cinema.


Have you checked the wiki page ?

There are comments on the right side, so that you know and you can click on each book to have a bigger review.

Yeah, I did look there actually, thanks but that’s alot of material to sift through. Perhaps I will get through it all at some point, but I would rather spend that time reading some books concerning his films right now! You know ?

I’m not overflowing with trust for ‘reviews’ on the heels of reading some unflattering and inaccurate ones on IB. Not to say there wasn’t a majority of positive reviews…but I was stunned by how a number of seemingly intelligent folks are rendered vapid, dense, and biased when it comes to films they don’t seem to be able to understand. I was surprised that some people seemed to be watching a whole different film from the one i saw. Mysterious indeed.

But, I suspect, some of you on this board have read many of these books, and there is an agreed upon three that I could start reading pronto. Growing a bit weary of the internet right now. Yes, so weary that for the moment, the incredible Quentin Tarantino Archives are wasted on me. Don’t get me wrong, this is an a m a z i n g resource! Certainly a tremendous website, but since my eyes are growing tired of looking at a glowing screen some books would be a nice change. Read the screenplay for IB twice, that was great. Aside from the other screenplays, what’s agreed upon by you all as great? Just 3 ?

Ok, then my fav in english are :

Quentin Tarantino: The Film Geek Files - Paul Woods (featuring articles Tarantino himself wrote)

Quentin Tarantino - Edward Gallafent

Quentin Tarantino : The Man and His Movies - Jami Bernard

If you speak French, there are other good ones.

Merci beaucoup!

(tis all the French I know)

What do you guys think of Tarantino (Virgin Film) by Jim Smith

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Yeah I just bought it and wanted to know what others thought. I’m going to pick up those other 3 soon but I’m also going to purchase Rodriguez’s Rebel Without a Crew

That was a great book, I finished it just last week. I never thought I’d read anything about him that would make me feel like I had just discovered him. But that might just be me. Liked it alot.

But hands down my favorite of his biographies is Shooting from the Hip (The man, the myths, and the his movies is updated version).