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Top 5 adult cartoons

what are your favorite adult oriented cartonns?


1.South Park

2.Aqua Teen Hunger Force

3.Family Guy

4.King of The Hill

5.Tom Goes to The Mayor

The Simpsons

South Park

Ren and Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy

Family Guy

Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Sealab

Cowboy Bebop

Pretty Pretty Princess…I mean Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead, how could I forget that one.

Oh yeah B.and B.H., and Cowboy Bebop kicks so much ass!

#1. Family Guy

#2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

#3. South Park… 4 years ago

Cowboy Bebop

Mission Hill

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at law (very funny, in a wierd sort of way)

Family Guy

Futurama (the first few series b4 it got all soppy)

1. South Park

2. Sealab 2021

3. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

4. Family Guy

5. Ren and Stimpy


Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Home Movies

Sealab 2021 (before Harry Goz died)


King Of The Hill & The Powerpuff Girls. Before you say it, don’t say it

1-Samuraï Champloo




5-Cowboy bebop

1) Futurama

2) Invader Zim

3) Tenchi Muyo

4) Neon genesis evangellion

5) space ghost coast to coast

aaahhhh…I love my cartoons!!!

OMG! While I was in the States I saw ‘Aqua teen Hunger Fource’, and its was bloody hilarious!

I know! I also love The Brak Show! That shits insane! TV for stoners! (im not a stoner BTW)

1.South Park


3.Aqua Teen Hunger Force (saw it when i was in US LOL Great show)

4.The Simpsons

5.Family Guy



South Park

Ren and Stimpy

Beavis and Butthead

best cartoon in a cartoon:

Itchy & Scratchy

All of the above + Dr. Katz

Mission Hill

Family Guy

Home Movies


Cowboy Bebop

Yeah! I love mission hill too! “I was manipulating myself to…Pornography!”

I’ve really gotten into home movies. That kinda dry humor is so hilarious!