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Top 3 favorite scenes in RD

1.The Opening

2.The Commode Story

3.Mr.Pink Escaping

What’s yours everybloody?

1. reservoir dogs walking to Little Green Bag

2. vic slicing the ear to Stuck in the middle with you

3. the marijuana joke story

1. The Opening (inclues the coffee shop scene and the walk)

2. The famour EAR scene

3. The scene when they are getting their names and Buscemi complains.


Howard Hawks said “A film should have 3 good scenes and no bad ones” well with QT one thing we dont have to worry about is bad scenes.

My fav 3 scenes in Res Dogs

  1. The mexican standoff (Larry stop pointing that gun at my DAD!!)
  2. The ear cutting scene (Hello, can you hear me?..)
  3. The Commode Story ( Im makin this bitch rich…)

1) Mr. Blond’s torture & dance routine

2)Mr. Pink’s shootout/getaway

3)The “Like a Virgin” story

1:when Mr.Blonde shows up with a soda,and says to Mr.White "You’re a big Lee Marvin fan,aren’t you? Me too."

2:Joe talking about the names in his book

3:Lawrence Bender as a cop chasing Pink down the street

1. The opening. It’s just great.

2. The ears scene.

3. Mr. Oranges story.

1. opening scene in coffee shop/ the slow mo credits scene

2. pink escaping

3. gangsters getting their names

Well its hard to pick three since I love every scene in the movie but here goes:

  1. The coffee shop scene

  2. The ear scene (Because Stuck in the Middle with You is my favorite song)

  3. Mr. Pink complaining about being Mr. Pink

1. the walk

2. "why do I have to be Mr.Pink?"

3. rendevous at the warehouse

1) The Torture Scene - Seeing madsen witht he evil smile brings a small chill down my spine

2) The Coffee Shop - Jus freaking hilarious

3) Colour Assignment - Another bit which showed Buscemi’s comedic talents

1. The slow mo walking

2. Mr. Orange getting his ring from the bowl

3. The cutting ear

1. Coffee Shop

2. Vic Vega with Nice Guy and Joe at Joe’s office ("I might break you in, but I’d make you my dog’s bitch)

3. The Mexican standoff in the warehouse (everybody dies except Pink)

1. The coffee shop scene… By the way, did anybody find it ironic that Mr. Pink was a waiter in Pulp?  I guess that’s life’s sense of irony.

2.  The car ride scene with Mr. Orange and Mr. White while Orange was bleeding to death.

3.  Last, but not least, are the interviewing scenes (Vic’s and Mr. White’s) with Lawrence Tierney.  I just love those.

Am I only the only one that knows every single word Vic spoke during the ‘ear incident’?  Probably not.  :slight_smile:

first of all:

Yeah, but Mr. Brown? That’s too

close to Mr. Shit


you can use this quote in every situation:

Am I the only professional?? (Mr. Pink)

and third:

stuck in the middle with you

(a friend of mine never saw the movie, but he said this song is awesome.

What do you think???

This is a deleted scene but it’s still funny.When Freddy finds Larry’s mugshot he calls Holdaway to tell him about it, and when Holdaway picks up the phone he says,"who the fuck is this?"Heh,that’s how he answers the phone.

When Mr.Orange shoots Mr.Blonde

Mr.White and Mr.Pink arguing and fighting.

1.The Ear Cutting Scene

2.The Leone-esque Mexican Standoff

3.Freddy rehearsing his lines

1.Mr. Blonde Torcher Scene

2.Cafe Intro

3.Mexican Standoff at the end

1) Mr. Blond’s torture session

2)The opening

3)Mr. Pink’s getaway

God…thats a damn hard question…3 favorites…umm…

  1. opening scene, im not a fan of the dick story, but i love the banter between Mr.White and Joe.
  2. Entire eat cutting scene including when wastes mr.blonde.

    3)very end, right after the standoff