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Tokyo . Sora (2002)

Movies like this retain my belief in modern cinema. Hiroshi Ishikawa’s debut feature about 6 women living in Tokyo features such dazzling cinematography and hugely impressive slow pace that even 127 minutes feels too short. Aside visuals the use of sound is also incredible. Ishikawa uses music sparsely but when he does the effect is extremely powerful. The characters are very good although you’d wish more sceentime for many of them. As a single flaw one character is given too much attention during the second half which leads to a very slight drop in quality. 4,5/5

I mentioned this was Hiroshi Ishikawa’s debut feature. He has directed two films so far, the second being Su-ki-da, which I’ve reviewed in its own topic here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 086.0.html”>,7086.0.html</LINK_TEXT>

Interestingly both movies have the same flaw (too much plot on the second half, while the first half is absolutely stunning, and in case of Su-ki-da best cinema of the 2000’s). My favourite scene in both movies is also very similiar (but I won’t say more because I don’t want to spoil anything)

Here’s some great R2J artwork for Tokyo . Sora