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Tokyo Bullet 'Violent Cop' DVD

This is the worst fucking DVD I’ve ever bought. Only around 25% of the lines are subtitled, and there are entire scenes in unsibtitled Japanese. I’m furious that I paid for this, I’d never even considered the possibility that parts of the movie would be untranslated.

Is this kind of thing normal with cheap foreign language DVDs?

My Violent Cop DVD is a Region 2 Version. You can choose between german (I´m from Germany) and japanese language. It has Trailers firm Killer, Bullet in the head, Heroic Trio, Hexenkessel saigon and A Better Tomorrow 2. On the cover you see in big letters: Uncut version!

BUT: my “uncut” version is 99 min long and Bullet has an uncut version that is longer…

How long is your version?

My version is 103 minutes. The quality is fucking bright, at the end scenes you can’t see shit because of the dark garage. The subs are perfect but the extras are just as shitty of the quality. ONE Trailer for Violent Cop, a biography and production credits. Why can’t people treat these great films with respect. I buy Region 0 HK imports all the time and the subtitling is ususally good to very good.

Here are some screenshots from the best version of Violent Cop out there:

In my version you can barely see the guy sitting there^

^ The colors and images are waaaay more rich with this version here. On my version everything is hazy and “smokey” looking.

I’ve been scour searching to find that print for a while now. I think it’s Russian version actually :-/ I’ve heard stuff about that being the most clear cut and such.

hope that helped :slight_smile:

So you´re version is 4 min longer. I wish I could know, what I miss.

Do you think it´s


right that he killed his sister?


No actually. I think he should’ve taken her along with him. So he can take her back to that mental hospital she was in at the beginning of the film, that could’ve helped the both of them. The guy who kills Azuma saw that from behind the shadows. Now he can’t let someone get away with murdering 4 people now can he? So he shot him. Hense is line, “everybody’s crazy” he says right after he shoots him.


Do you think that he did it, cuz it´s a question of honour? That he can´t accept that she was addicted to drugs and was raped?

Or was he only helpless and found no other way?

Another Spoiler

It was the fact that she was pretty much helpless and fucked up for the rest of her life. I don’t think it was any honor type stuff. She was fucked up and he killed her. Simple.

Yeah I’m mad at the poor subtitles too, good film though. I just watched boiling point (toyko bullet) and the quality was pretty good, my least favorite Kitano film though.


Am I right that the whole story was made up by the kid whilst he was sitting on the toilet?

What region is the version of Boiling Point and could you give me a link to where you got it? I’ve been looking for a version for a while, and I heard the region-1 has shitty quality, like the Violent Cop DVD had.

[quote]Yeah I’m mad at the poor subtitles too, good film though. I just watched boiling point (toyko bullet) and the quality was pretty good, my least favorite Kitano film though.

Hey man, I edited your post because you didn’t actually put in a spoiler warning before you went and posted the ending of the film. It’s no problem and it happens to everybody, but please take note that everybody in this thread wrote the word ‘spoiler’ before actually discussing the ending of the film. I know Bullet actually has Boiling Point on order, but hopefully he can just put that remark out of his head before watching.

My bad about the spoiler. Mine is a region 2 I got it as a part of the kitano trilogy (Tokyo bullet) for £15! on

It’s got Violent cop, Boiling point and Sonatine, great buy… Though Violent cop’s poor subtitles lets it down though :frowning:

The print of Sonatine from you Toyko Bullet version was transfered onto the HK and Korean Panorama versions. The print is great but what’s up with the subtitles, they’re completely dumb in some parts, here’s an example:

“Don’t say such stupid things”

"You are the stupid thing"

and out of place cussing like

"You’re fucking impressive, fuck, you try it fuck"

And what parts are the subs missing in Violent Cop? I can’t probably help you out with what was said… :slight_smile: