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Title consistency


This is a hell of a non-issue, I know, but that’s just the type of guy I am.

With “The Hateful Eight” QT broke the chain of two-word titles ever since Reservoir Dogs. I remember when the title of TH8 was announced, I was hoping the “The” would eventually be dropped, but, alas.

Having said this, I googled around trying to find out if QT had intentionally gone for this two-word title thing. A lack of results leads me to believe he hadn’t, so for him suddenly going three words with TH8 probably didn’t even register.

Don’t know how others feel about this (if anyone noticed it at all) but I find it a bit of a shame.


I always felt like it was just mere coincidence. I bet at some point he looked at his movie titles and realized himself that he keeps those relatively short (From Dusk Till Dawn is from someone else’s treatment that already head that name), but then again Jackie Brown for example, might as well have been called Rum Punch, and that already was a two word title. I do hope that it will remain a coincidence, I think his sometimes complex material could well do with a complex, maybe mysterious title. On the other hand, a simple, easy to remember, catchy title helps a lot with name recognition and marketing


“I think his sometimes complex material could well do with a complex, maybe mysterious title.”

Excellent point.

Short, catchy titles are definitely easier to remember, but QT has well reached the point of not having to give a flying fuck at the moon (if I may use the late and great Mr. Vonnegut’s parlance) to have to cater to that.

And absolutely, now that the (unintentional) chain has broken, I would love an epic QT title in the vein of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. * inhales *


I know what youre saying. Maybe he’ll go back to 2 words for the 9th film


I suspect he just has a preference for titles that “pop”. I doubt he ever deliberately set out to have them all specifically be two word titles, but that it just happens to fall in line with his general aesthetic more often than not.