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Time Period

What decade is Pulp Fiction set in? A friend of mine believes it to be set in the eighties, which is not impossible just look at the fact Mia has a reel to reel,the flock of seagulls,and the look of the sets. I believe it to be set in the early 90s due to the fact Mia’s recording of “Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon” is by Urge Overkill and they recorded it in the 90s.He also beliieves Pulp Fiction to be like a sort of prequel to Reservoir Dogs.For example Mr white may possibly be the Wolf. Can any of you clear this up for us?

Pulp Fiction isnt a sort of preqel to RD.

Im not sure what year its set in though, sorry

notice how harvey kietel as “the wolf” - he is the pinnacle of cool. He got it goin on! but in RD his character (even though we mostly see him at a time of immense stress) he’s not that “cool cat” he was in PF, he’s edgy, maxed out. the wolf would never act like that in my opinion. I believe the characters are un-related

i think that its just set in the year it came out, 1994???

First time I saw it, I thought it was in the seventies with the jerry curl and the Jungle Boogie song playing, but I just think it was around the time it was made, 1994



The Wolf drives a Honda NSX…I believe first released in 1990 or 1991…or something around that time…

Also, Nice Guy Eddy is talking on a Zack Morris cell phone, the ones that look like old military radios. But in Pulp everyone has the smaller black flip phones. So definetly it is RD then Pulp, and pulp is set in 93-94. But it is also directed in an almost timeless manner like the Batman movies. With the soundtrack, the vernacular of the dialogue, and hair styles. All of those can give an impression of the 60’s or 70’s.

Quentin was trying to give that 60’s and 70’s vibe from Pulp Fiction. But he also wanted you to think about it.

i would say the eighties as well

I would say early 90’s sometime.