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Time Flub in Kill Bill Vol. 2?

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, and maybe someone can correct me if I am mistaken, but has anyone else noticed a little error in the timeline of Vol. 2? In the Last Chapter Bill says to Beatrix, “I sent you to L.A. and you never came back. I thought you’d been killed. Do you know how cruel it is to make someone think someone they love is dead? I mourned you. Then IN THE THIRD MONTH of my mourning, I track you down.” Now, if Bill had tracked her down after three months, following her disappearence, wouldn’t she have only been 3 months pregnant, 4 months tops, at the time he caught up with her at the wedding rehearsal? Because when they did meet in the film, she looke a lot further along than that. I know I’m nitpicking, but I was just curious to hear what others thought about this tiny, but obvious, mistake. Thanks!

when i saw the movie at the theatres i wondered the same thing. but after his third month of mourning, he tracked her down. doesnt mean he found her. he just started looking for her. then he met up with her later

arent you meant to be at least 2 or so months pregnant to test positive for a pregnancy test? I’m not sure…but you can’t test positive if you’ve boinked your assassin boss, gone to LA then taken a test the next day…

I could be completly wrong, but wasn’t she slightly showing when she was in LA - the whole Karen thing???

I dunno…to me in the wedding scene she looked about 7-8 months but I guess you’re right…it doesn’t quite add up…

Maybe…she took off at 2ish months, after a few weeks lets say a month Bill noticed there was no communication from her, set out looking for a week, found she had been “killed” went into mourning for the three months…lets say a little over three months…then he finds her…that would make her around about 7 months give or take… I’ve got no idea