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Three Cases of Grindhouse

For those of you who don’t know, there are three editions with different dvd cases of Death Proof and Planet Terror.

  • The most common one where there is a paper slip cover,
  • the steel book one (only at best buy, can now be found on ebay,) that came with a bonus DVD,
  • and the Blockbuster edition, which is only one disc but it does come with a exclusive bonus feature.

    Also F.Y.E. offered a slipcover to house the two in.

    I recently got a hold of all three of these and they are worth the extra money. As for the extra DVD’s that came with the steelbook editons, the Death Proof came with the TV Special “Welcome to the Grindhouse.” The Planet Terror Bonus DVD came with a very interesting Q&A featuring Robert Rodriguez. The only downside to this is the bonus dvd’s come in a very cheap paper sleeve so I suggest to go out and get two blank DVD cases (this way it allows you to be creative on your own design for the box.)

    As for the Blockbuster edition it is worth it but its on the border. Anything by these guys is worth it but you have to buy a copy used, because this is the version they use to rent out. It comes in a Blockbuster case, and it is only one DVD. The DVD is basically a carbon copy of Disc one of the common edition, except it has a extra bonus feature available no where else. The Death Proof bonus is a short documentary about the cars of Death Proof. The Planet Terror bonus is footage of Quentin, Robert, and the cast of Grindhouse, at the Comic-Con 2006. You might want to get two more blank DVD cases if you do not like the Blockbuster case. Blockbuster will usually give you about 2-4 for free if you ask nicely. Also, a helpful tip, ask the person behind the counter to check the DVD for any scratches or dings, remember we are dealing with rental dvds here.

    The artwork for the Blockbuster edition is the same one on the common version except it says Blockbuster Exclusive on it. The back is slightly modified two. The Steel book artwork is painted on. Death Proof has the normal design, but Planet Terror shows a lone picture of Rose McGowan. The discs themselves are not like the normal ones. Blockbuster copies come with a blue disc with white writing that says Blockbuster Exclusive and Death Proof/Planet Terror. The bonus discs in the steel book are just blank except for a small ring around the center that says Death Proof/Planet Terror Bonus Disc. They also come with a large paper version of the back cover, so they didn’t have to paint it on.

    The FYE slipcover has the Death Proof cover slightly cropped and blown up and the planet terror side has a close up of Roses Machine gun leg. When Kill Bill was out Best Buy offered a slipcover to house the two dvds together. For all of you true collectors out there, Happy Hunting.

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I saw the steel book one for Death Proof in a shop here(The Netherlands).

there’s also a death proof steelbook coming out in germany

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