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Those Crazy Jews

from News page;

ESPN Fires Columnist for “Intolerable” Remarks

ESPN has dumped New Republic senior editor Gregg Easterbrook, who was accused of anti-Semitism when, in a review of Miramax’s Kill Bill, he referred to Miramax Chairman Harvey Weinstein and Disney Chairman Michael Eisner as “Jewish executives” who “worship money above all else.” Although Easterbrook quickly apologized and described his own remarks “simply wrong,” ESPN on Monday called them “highly offensive and intolerable.” Although ESPN is owned by Disney, the company observed in its statement that Eisner was not involved in the decision to fire Easterbrook, who wrote the “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” column on the ESPN website.

LOL, ya know what he said was highly offensive, but in a way it might be true… :wink:

well, yeah, but all studio bosses are like that. so no anti-semitism in here or i’m gonna get medieval all over your ass :wink:

jesus - I don’t even know a jew who would have enough balls to say that!

sounds like he has been meeting with the Prime Minister of Malaysia who recently said "Jews do control the world"

by the way I am jewish and I don’t worship money

Mormons are taking over the world, not Jews.

It is the Krishnas who are taking over, they all ready have our Airports!

[quote]It is the Krishnas who are taking over, they all ready have our Airports![/quote]

Thank God they don’t have the virus from 12 Monkeys…or else we’d all be fucked. :o

You know what’s funny. That the middle eastern people think Jews are takeing over the world when throuout history it has been the christians that tormented the muslems. I’m not talking about modern christians but dark age christians. Example- a 200 year war with the muslems called the CRUSADES. perhaps the middle easterns should look at a history book. But now they are pissed because of Israel. I am so tired of the middle east right now.

Yea me 2… but the difference between me and u is that when u’r tired of it u can just turn off CNN, me on the other hand , I live this shit here in Israel

[quote]Mormons are taking over the world, not Jews.[/quote]

for real - they have one of the biggest temples here in MARYLAND off I-270 - look’s like the Disney World Castle.

Yeah - I might be slow - but I just found out they own BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO - that’s why they don’t have the UNRATED VERSION of SPUN!


They already own a goddamn state! UTAH!!! That place has mormons EVERYWHERE!!! AHHHH!!!

I’ve been asked to convert like 5 times…they never take “NO” for an answer.


They already own a goddamn state! UTAH!!! That place has mormons EVERYWHERE!!! AHHHH!!!

I’ve been asked to convert like 5 times…they never take “NO” for an answer. [/quote]

ha ha!

yeah I was there 15 years ago and it was a strange place.

At least the mormens are only fucked up. The middle eastern muslems are fucking CRAZY.

Where in Isreal are you from the dude. seen andy suicides latley

Only between commercials…

I live in tel aviv… 8)

so… Tel Aviv is a secure area or what?

I think the UN should send troops to the middle east and totally sanction the area so that they all stop killing each other. it’s getting ridiculous I think… genocide.

I wouldn’t go as far calling Tel Aviv a secure area, no place is 100% safe here but its a lot more safer then, lets say Jerusalem… and I don’t exactly live in Tel Aviv but in this suburbia near it…

I seriously doubt that any kind of UN involvement would solve any thing

I heard that Mel Gibson couldnt get anyone to finance his new movie based on the last 12 hours of Christ becuz they said it was anti-semitic…thats bullshit

The Jews don’t think that the movie is anti-semitic, but it might bring up the issue of it, and there will be blood shed. Like what happaned when American History X came out. But the jews want to send an official “MPAA” qualified reviewer to see the film to see if it is infact anti-semetic. That would be imposible though, becaue the movie isn’t finished yet and it would be giving away to much info on a classified movie.

I dindn’t hear that he coulden’t get funding, but that isn’t bull shit. People could see this and get angry that the jews were involved in the killing of christ and go out and commit hate crimes. If the reviewer dosen’t find anything “threatening” then he will leave it alone. But like i said before, that would be imposible to judge the movie at this poing. Violence might happen, if this movie hurts one person someones going to get in a lot of trouble.

Im sure Mel Gibson will just tell everything like it says in the Holy Book. And this issue has been around for many years, I’ll doubt if it will spark many hate crimes. I think i read in Parade that Gibson had to finance themovie himself.

I don’t think it will ether. But these kind of reviewers go to almost every movie ever, and they all end up negative for threats. That’s why it’s odd that Gibson won’t let them see it.