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The Whole "Grindhouse" release date!

This is from Wiki, so don’t get your hopes up yet, but sounds like it’s true.

“Video ETA reports that a 4-disc special edition of Grindhouse - complete with the faux trailers and candy ads - will be released in June 2008.”

sounds sweet!

hope it’s true.

Hope so, seems a little too soon though, no?

^ Yeah, but on the other hand, I hate it being that late. Well atleast I seen the whole thing at the movies.

that is FUCKING late… i want it for christmas. with release dates like that, all they’re doing is increase the number of people who download it or edit it together themselves…

I agree, a bit late. But 4-disc??? I thought it was gonna be 2 or 3 (hopefully 3), but 4 is much better. Okey, so no new Tarantino for Christmas. Then again, my birthday is in June. I’ll live. Do you guys think it’ll get a release outside the US, considering it was never shown as a whole here? No one ever seems to answer that. Most likely it will, but somehow I also doubt it a little. Then again, there’s always import.

Is this even gonna be new material? The DVD’s of Death Proof and Planet Terror

that are coming out in September are two disc Special Editions on their own.

Something tells me this four disc set will just be the two boxed together.

hm… never heard of them before…

they say ESTIMATED. that could mean with all their experience over the years with different release schemes, they just ESTIMATE it… maybe it’s still gonna come out in december, but since that’s when Kill Bill going to come out, i’m not so sure

It’s probably gonna be:

  1. Grindhouse
  2. Death Proof (uncut)
  3. Planet Terror (uncut)
  4. Extras

    But yeah, a year is very late. I’m guessing it’s gonna be a lot of the things on the previous DVDs as you said DexPac, but probably a bit more. And the trailers of course. But if you just don’t buy the PT and DP DVDs, you won’t have any overlapping. So I’ll wait. Try to, that is.

I think it’s way, WAY late! But I’ll probably spring for the extended cuts of both movies anyway…And stay at the Residence Inn while they’ve still got the theatrical cut (with a briefcase full of recordable DVDs, right?)…

you never know they might throw the Machete DVD release in there as well

the film will probably be on 2 discs.

if it is on one disc, i hope they will have a “random lecture option” just like some Something Weird Dvds have (ie the dvd of Teenage Gang debs/Teenage Strangler), they call it “a night at the drive-in lecture option”!! you don’t know which film comes first, you don’t know which trailer comes first. you just push the play button, sit back and enjoy 8)

I’m a bit confused here, will the Grindhouse dvd release be seperate, DP & PT or will there be a box set with both films included?

so far we don’t know ANYthing about grindhouse on dvd. as you can read on the frontpage, there will be a 2 disc release of dp, and a 2 disc release of pt. anything else is pure speculation at this point. i mean, june 2008… come on folks, not even from an official sort can a date that far away be taken seriously

What about the trailers?

i bet the trailer of machete will be on the dvd of PT since it is a part of the extended cut. for the rest, i don’t know… (but i bet they will be on the grindhouse dvd)

I don’t wanna hear about any motherfuckin “ifs”, what I wanna hear from yo ass is, we ain’t got no problems Hazard, so rest up and wait for the dvds which should be coming to us directly!

Shit Negro, is that all you need to know?

Oh my god I can’t beleive you said the “n” word, shame on you Cap’n