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The whole film is in my neighborhood

I’m going to try to take a few photos, but the entire film of Reservoir dogs is filmed no more than a quarter mile form where I live. It’s filmed in a hispanic neighborhood called Highland Park in Los Angeles. Interesting notes include Mr Orange’s apartment is filmed right above the warehouse, which was an old mortuary, which is now gone, replaced with a photo copier store.

The gas station by Mr Pink whne he’s shooting the guards doesn’t exsist anymore, and the place where the film the Reservoir Dogs walk is about a half block away.

The scene where Nice Guy Eddie picks up mr. Orange, they are actually driving away from the warehouse, toward downtown.

No K-Billy in rea life either :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to them…

Hey thanks Black_Wizard it will be great if you can post some pics for us :slight_smile:

Can you let us know the exact streets where the scenes are filmed? I know where Pat and Lorraine’s restaurant is but not the other places :slight_smile: I may be coming over to LA this year and would like to check out the locations while I’m there.


Stres would be Figeroa (it’s a huge street that goes from the mountains to the beach, so the specific area will be in the Highland Park area. It’s easy to tell, it’s a very latin heavy neighborhood). That street is where the whole movie is practically filmed. York Blvd. is the other street parts of the movie are filmed. Parts like Mr.Pink running from the cops, and the Reservoir Dogs walk.

A lot of the areas have changed by now, except for the street Mr.Pink runs on. The only diffrence is the gasstation behind him when he’s shotting the cops is just a vacant lot.

What about the place where Orange get’s shot? I would love to see them.

[quote]What about the place where Orange get’s shot? I would love to see them. [/quote]

The pt where he get’s shot is now a new set of train tracks for the light train that goes around the city. It’s also behind a bank, only a few blocks away from the warehouse.

That area is probley the only area of the film that looks the same as it did 10 years ago.

I LOVE THIS FILM! And LA in general. My friend and I went to find all the places, and the only one we couldn’t find was where Mr. Pink runs. We’ve spent ages walking up and down the street, trying to look for landmarks, but so far haven’t found any. There’s a rose growing in the place where Mr. White and Mr. Orange die. I keep a petal in my screenplay that I have with me at all times. It still smells after a year. :’(

The alley-way is my favourite bit of LA. It’s so the same, and we made friends with some people who were hanging around on their driveway drinking beer as we were taking photos and getting over excited about an alleyway. They think we’re insane. So that’s nice.

post the pics then

normal camera + no scanner access = not for a while

shame! Can’t wait to see all these pics!

Well its been a few months, can you post the pictures please?

lol yeah, i’m getting slightly impatient!

its been w while sisnce you promised those pics

Yeah I would like to see some of those pictures you promised,no one likes a tarantino fan who is a liar :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been over two years now…

I doubt it’s going to happen, fellas.


Well, my brother is walking distance from the wherehouse site. He lives in Highland Park.

I made him watch the movie for the first time in his life on Thanksgiving and in the scene where Nice Guy Eddie drives the fellas around, he exclaims, "Holy fuck! thats Highland Park!"

We are going to try and trek out to the sites soon. Ha, he really wants to go visit Pat and Lorriane’s Coffee Shop, the place where they filmed the opening sequence.

I wonder if the waitresses get cheated out of their tips due to some wise-asses trying to be Mr. Pink…

Here are some airial views:

Notice the brown rooftops…that is where Mr. Blonde had his car parked…meaning the parkinglot accross the street was where the morturary previously stood.

Focus on the center block of the picture. There is an alleyway splitting it. This is where Mr. Brown gets shot and Mr. White kills the cops and Mr. White and Orange walk down.It is estimated that Mr. Orange gets shot near where the arrow is.

Although not in Highland Park but in Eagle Rock, the diner is a couple minutes away from the rest of the scenes. I think the famous walk is filmed in the parking lot, facing West.

Again, not in Highland Park, but nothwest of downtown. This is where Freddie practices his Commode Story.

I got the street info at this site : and entered it in

cool man respect. its been two years, but respect. were are you in the photoes(if you have any with you in the site.)


Cool pics.

That’s cool, I live in Hawthorne, where he filmed most of Jackie Brown and the famous ending of Pulp. The Cockatoo Inn sign is still hanging, and get this. They’re turning it into a school.