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The violence of mallory in this film- any comments?

im doing a research project on violent women in films and natural born killers represents a very violent woman in the form of mallory knox. i was just wondering if anyone found it interesting that we see women represented in a different (more violent) way to the ‘normal’ roles which are given to women in films. whats the effect of having such a violent female character? do any guys out there look at her differently because shes so violent? any replies would be greatly appreciated!

ya i look at her as no more than a mere sex object… one that is a challenge…i think i fell in love with yet i am scared at the same time… and i have wished that story would continue to further understand her character… and why she is so violent… and how i wish for wish for a woman such as she… :-* :o :angel: :police: :’( >:D