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The Vega Brothers

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This is a artilcle of of wikipedia, I found it very interesting,

The Vega Brothers (aka Double V Vega) is the title of an abandoned film project that was to be written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. According to recent interviews Tarantino does not plan to proceed with the project. It would have starred Michael Madsen and John Travolta reprising the roles of Vic (Mr. Blonde) from Reservoir Dogs, and Vincent from Pulp Fiction, respectively.

According to director Quentin Tarantino in an interview with Rolling Stone , The Vega Brothers was intended as both a sequel and prequel to the films Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, "It’s a sequel to both Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs, actually, it’s a sequel and it’s a prequel. It’s the Vega Brothers, played by Michael Madsen and John Travolta. I have been trying to do it for years, and the more time I take, the older these two guys get. But I’ve come up with an idea that won’t much matter how much they age…the magic of movies. It’s going to be great. It’ll be funny, and these guys are so great, alright, they’re going to be like two oversized mob-men fighting over the last bowl of pasta, that we can’t go wrong. It’s just going to be John and Michael, and I hope to make this my next movie. We’re laying down the pipework for it now."

On April 3, 2007 Quentin Tarantino appeared on the Opie & Anthony show to promote Grindhouse and during the interview, “The Vega Brothers” movie was brought up. Tarantino stated that it’s “looking unlikely” and that he probably will not make the film because “everyone is older now” [1]; however, he did announce that the prequel would have been called “Double V Vega” and the story would have been about Vincent Vega’s time in Amsterdam, running one of Marsellus Wallace’s clubs, and Vic visiting him. Tarantino did say he had another idea about how to work around the actors being a little older and the characters being dead, the idea being that Vic and Vincent both had twin brothers.

Yeah it is kinda difficult to write around the fact that both of them are seriously dead and have been for sometime now.

QT said that he won’t make this movie. There’s no need to talk about it anymore. I really want him to make IB for now and then we’ll see…

Yeah your right, I bet IB is going to be a killer movie!!!

I sorry i didn’t relize I posted this on the True Romance Page :stuck_out_tongue:

yawn… how old is this discussion now??

how about if somebody else directed the flick? This has had varied degrees of success in the past but it could be really good, he writes, a cool filmmaker directs, and maybe he exec produces. Tony Scott?