The Triple Feature Foundation



WHAT IS IT? The TRIPLE FEATURE FOUNDATION is a conceptual framework organizing/network entity which is currently in a testing phase. The goal is to establish a web-based umbrella organizing/fundraising/marketing platform/website/network that will be devoted to supporting cult/genre film projects on the internet (currently The Deuce, The Quentin Tarantino Archives and The Spaghetti Western Database).

PLEASE POST YOUR FEEDBACK ABOUT THE WEBSITE (which is currently under construction) and your suggestions/ideas as to the duties/goals/methods we could employ/set up in order to increase the profile of the supported projects and coordinate fundraising.

Thanks for your feedback


Love the name. The whole idea is great, actually. And… erm, well there’s not much more to comment on right now (or am i wrong?), so i don’t know what to say. I don’t like the banner and the general look of the site, though. I hope it’s WIP aswell.


yes it is


Can I be president, Chief, and moderator? I’ll handle all the donation funds. I promise I won’t steal any money. Not even for my weekly thong waxing.


For now we can’t judge much or give any feedback. The site is basically under construction. Add some press kits, more text about the concept of the website, Seb. Then maybe you’ll get more feedback. :wink:


now basically on the way to going live. made some minor changes to the website, we’ve come up with some artwork, and I’ve launched both a Facebook profile and a Twitter account… looking forward to your feedback at this stage, even though there’s quite a few things yet to be done.


as many may have notice, by the way, there’s a “CineCoalition” stripe on top of all pages belonging to the “umbrella” of the Triple Feature Foundation now. this gives the sites a sense of belonging and make it easy to click through to these websites.


We’re adding PISTOLERO - The Robert Rodriguez Fan blog to our CineCoalition

on twitter:


Adios 3pleFF

We’re shutting down. Click here to read the full announcement: