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ok, so here we just list every way that any qt movie is connected to any other qt movie,

(i know we already know what they are, but i really like listing things!)

My Best Friend’s Birthday

True Romance

Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction

Natural Born Killers

From Dusk Till Dawn

Jackie Brown

Kill Bill

yay! another superb list!

newayz, so alls i can think of right now is:

Rd to Pf: Marcellus’s name

Pf to KB: samurai sword

this isn’t really one, but i to think it is: i’d like to think the diamonds from rd are in the suitcase in pf

so, im sure there are a million others!

coming out of a brain fart

the reprise in kill bill of the sheriff from fdtd

kBilly in rd and kb

Red Apple cigarettes

Kaboom! and Fruit Brute cereals

quote in kb and fdtd "are we absolutely clear about rule #1?"

the Fox Force Five in pf and the DiVAS in kb

some more:

Nurse Bonnie: mentioned in RD, Jimmy’s wife in PF, and, if you’ve read the original Kill Bill script, there is a Nurse B. Owens who could possibly be Bonnie.

The Vega Brothers: Vic (RD), Vincent (PF), and Virgil? i just read this somewhere, i think it’s from TR.

Scagnetti from NBK and Vic’s parole officer from RD

Earl McGraw :wink:

I found this a long time ago. I don’t where anymore…

RD = Reservoir Dogs

PF = Pulp Fiction

JB = Jackie Brown

KB = Kill Bill

NBK = Natural Born Killer

TR = True Romance

FR = Four Rooms

FDTD = From Dusk Till Dawn



    Evoked in RD (Ex-partner of Mr White)

    Character in TR (Patricia Arquette)


    Evoked in RD (nurse)

    Evoked in TR (colleague of Lee)

    Character in PF (Jimmy’s wife/ nurse)


    Character in TR (Brad Pitt)

    Evoked in PF (Wilson, Butch’s adversary )


    Evoked in RD’s script

    Character in PF (Lance’s girlfriend)


    Character in RD (Cabot)

    Character in TR (policeman from L.A)

    Evoked in PF (Monster Joe)

    Koons :

    Evoked in RD’s script

    Character in PF (Captain Koons)


    Evoked in TR (Clarence’s boss)

    Character in PF (Eric Stoltz)


    Evoked in RD (Spivey)

    Character in PR (Wallace)


    Character in RD (Nash)

    Character in TR

    Character in NBK’s scriot

    Character in PF (Jules’ indicator)


    Character in RD (Marvin)

    Character in NBK (Gerald)


    Evoked in RD (Seymour)

    Character in NBK (Jack)


    Character in RD (Vic)

    Character in PF (Vincent)


    Character in TR (Cocotti)

    Character in PF (Vega)


    Arquette :

    Patricia aka Alabama in TR

    Rosanna aka Jody in PF

    Alexis aka the 4th man in PF

    Kirk Baltz:

    Marvin Nash in RD

    Roger in NBK

    Lawrence Bender:

    Young policeman in RD

    Long-haired Yuppie Scum in PF

    Steve Buscemi:

    Mr. Pink in RD

    Buddy Holly in PF

    Paul Calderon:

    English Dave in PF

    Norman in FR

    Samuel L. Jackson:

    Big Don in TR

    Jules Winfield in PF

    Ordell Robbie in JB

    Plays organ in KB

    Harvey Keitel:

    Mr. White/Larry in RD

    Winston Wolfe in PF

    Jacob in FDTD

    Juliette Lewis:

    Mallory Knox in NBK

    Kate in FDTD

    Chris Penn:

    Nice Guy Eddie in RD

    Officer Nicky Dimes in TR

    Tim Roth:

    Mr. Orange/Freddie in RD

    Pumpkin in PF

    Ted in FR

    Tom Sizemore:

    Officer, Cody Nicholson in TR

    Jack Scagnetti in NBK

    Quentin Tarantino:

    Mr. Brown in RD

    Jimmy in PF

    Chester Rush in FR

    Ritchie Gecko in FDTD

    A 88 Crazy Fighter in KB

    Uma Thurman:

    Mia Wallace in PF

    Beatrix Kiddo aka the Bride in KB

    Christopher Walken:

    Vincent Coccotti in TR

    General Koons in PF

    Bruce Willis

    Butch Coolidge in PF

    Leo in FR


    Bathrooms :

    Clarence in TR (Lee’s hotel room)

    The 4th man in TR (Brett’s apartment)

    Vincent in PF (diner)

    Big Kahuna burger:

    Brett & Jules in PF

    Seth in FDTD

    1974 Chevy Nova with blood inside:

    Stolen Car in RD

    Jules’ car in PF

    Shots inside a car box :

    Marvin Nash in RD

    Jules and Vincent in PF

    Gloria in FDTD

    Beaumont Livingston and Ordell Robbie in JB

    The Bride in KB

    Charles Bronson:

    Evoked by Mr. Brown in RD

    Evoked by Mr. White in RD

    Evoked by Drexel in TR


    Given by Mr. White to Mr. Pink in RD

    Given by Cocotti to Mr. Worley in TR


    A lot of characters use dit in TR

    Mia, Vincent, Lance in PF


    Evoked by Mr. Orange in RD

    Evoked by Winston Wolfe in PF

    Max CHERRY and Jackie Brown in JB

    Comics superheros:

    Silver Surf in Freddie’s room in RD

    Freddie evoked “the Fantastic Four” in RD

    Clarence is a fan of comics in TR

    Speak in front of a mirror:

    Freddie in RD

    Clarence in TR

    Vincent in PF


    Beginning of RD

    Mickey and Mallory in NBK

    Pumpkin and Honeybunny in PF

    Jules and Vincent in PF

    Vincent and Mia in PF

    Elvis Presley:

    Clarence in TR

    Mia called Vincent “Elvis” in PF’s script

    "Fruit Brute" cereal:

    In Freddie’s appartment in RD

    In Lance’s House in PF


    In RD

    Evoked by Fabienne in PF


    Evoked by Mr. Pink in RD

    Jules and Vincent in PF

    Different characters aim the others :

    Joe, Mr. White and Eddie in RD

    Lee’s men, cops and mafia in TR

    Policemen, Mickey and Scagnetti in NBK

    Jules, Honeybunny and Pumpkin in PF

    Conversations on self phones :

    Eddie and Dove in RD

    Lee and Elliot in TR

    Vincent and Lance in PF

    Jules and Jimmy in PF

    Pam Grier:

    Evoked in RD

    Bonnie, the nurse, looked like her in PF

    “Red Apple”:

    Butch in PF

    Seen in FR

    Seen in KB


    Marvin Nash in RD

    Mr. Worley in TR

    Butch and Marcellus in PF

    Gloria in FDTD

    Sophie Fatale in KB

    Big Boss :

    Joe Cabot in RD

    Marcellus Wallace in PF

    Bill in KB


    Lee et Clarence talked about movies about Vietnam in TR

    Butch’s father killed in Vietnam in PF

    Wash blood:

    Mr. White in RD

    Vincent et Jules in PF

    Zippo lighters:

    Seen in RD, TR, NBK, PF and FDTD


    "According to Hoyle"

    Holdaway in RD’s script

    Wayne Gale in NBK’s script

    Jules in PF

    “diddled-eyed Joe to a damned-if-I-know”:

    Holdaway in RD

    Drexel in TR


    Mallory in NBK

    Zed in PF

    “Okay ramblers, let’s get rambling”:

    Joe in RD

    Seth in FDTD


    Mr. Orange in RD

    French kids in NBK

    Wayne Gale in NBK’s script

    Jules in PF

    … And the list can always be bigger…