The Tarantino Ten (Final Project Theory)

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I know QT jumps between 10 and 10ish depending what mood he’s in when he answers the ‘retirement’ question but if it is truly 10 which my gut tells me then i’ve got a theory on what the last couple of film projects will be.

I could be wrong but i’ve thought it out best I can.

So, if it truly is 10 and out (mic drop) then that leaves one more project left after Once Upon a Time in Hollywood , a crazy thought! Except it doesn’t have to be.

QT has said that he says you need three Westerns under your belt (minimum) in order to call yourself a Western director. I don’t for a second imagine QT leaving his legacy without being able to call himself a Western director, to have his Western ‘period’, to have three westerns up there in cinematic history along with Mann, Boetticher, and Peckinpah.

Knowing how strongly he feels about the genre this makes his 10th film a given, right? it’ll be a Western and if historic reports would follow through (this rarely happens with QT I know) but this would possibly be his John Brown film as he said it would most likely be his last film. This would also tie in themes with his previous westerns and be a pretty good coverage; Django as pre-Civil War - John Brown as the spark that helped cause the War - and The Hateful Eight which deals with the aftermath.

I don’t (and i would hazard a guess QT wouldn’t) think audiences are ready for another bloody racial western, maybe if the ‘10 and out’ rule didn’t apply but remember this is someone who is looking to go out on a strong note and it be remembered by his last film.

I think QT will get his third western in the form of Forty Lashes Less One - the Elmore Leonard novel - that he’s been talking about doing since about 1999. My reasons for it is this.

  • QT has stated more than once that he simply cannot put the script down

  • It has been brought up as recently as 2015/16

  • QT has said it would make a very fitting third Western thematically

  • Would do it as mini-series and has gotten more on board with doing TV as the audience is there in a big way right now

  • Would be a racially charged film that would be more removed than his other westerns as written by a respected author

  • would leave his filmography with two adaptations instead of one outlying entry.


  • QT has stated his Forty Lashes will not be considered as part of the Tarantino Ten.

This last statement is what makes me think the project will happen next as it rounds off his Western trilogy and leaves him one more film/genre to play with.

Now then, what will be Quentin Tarantino’s final film? It could be a few things, it could be something he’s never spoken of, but my time taken here today is about a theory so here it goes.

Since Inglourious Basterds QT has been talking about a 1920s/30s crime picture; a bank robbing prohibition picture like Bonnie & Clyde or Dillinger. It has come up after Basterds, Django, and Hateful8 (with QT saying he had an idea for an Australian setting – hello Margot Robbie!).

My theory for why this may well be QT’ final film is as follows:

  • Tarantino has said he doesn’t really have much fire in his belly for a genre anymore after making his martial arts epic and his WW2 film. Though the one left he does feel excited about is a prohibition crime picture.

  • QT has said he ideally wants his filmography to have a connection in some way back to Reservoir Dogs in style and energy. What better way to go out than the way he came in? robbing banks!

  • Has said it would be exciting going back to a crime story again as it’s been long enough since he’s done one (he said this around 2009).

  • Is interested in sub-genre and often obscure ones to general public. Therefore he could start by writing a 1930s crime pic but it’s more of a Moonshining film (see next)

  • After a screening of Hateful Eight he said to an audience he is interested in making a Moonshining film based in part on the experience of his bootlegging grandfather (see next)

  • QT seems to be on a nostalgia trip like never before on Once Upon…Hollywood, creating the LA he grew up in – perhaps this as his last film will see him going into his family history even more.

  • Has also said he would be interested in making a film in 1.33:1 aspect ratio – this would be fitting with the time period of this crime film as well as being a great stylistic send off to a lover of film in a Hollywood he doesn’t understand anymore ie a film class/history lesson as well as a sad nostalgic lens in which to see his story through.

Anyway, that’s my case.

Would love to hear people’s thoughts and their own theories on how QT plans to leave his filmography after 10 films.

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Great post. Once he starts doing his round of interviews for OUTIH, we’ll find out more about his future plans.

Is there a chance that the 10th film could be a final fight between the daughters of Beatrix Kiddo and Vernita Green? Or is that done?
Like your theory a lot, it’s less obvious and makes a lot of sense. Did y’all see a new trailer btw? Didn’t see anything here (Netherlands) yet!

there we go