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The Tarantinian Ethics [Fred Botting, Scott Wilson]

Who has heard about this book? Who likes to comment on it, ask questions or post a short review?

Here’s the official link:

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You can read some pages out of this book for free, here:

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Ive just actually orderd this book for the University’s libaray, its a very expensive, heavy academic film studies type book looking in detail as to why people like taratninos films and the ‘ethics’ part are what we all love about him

It looks pretty good and as soon as i get it delvierd I will tell you all about it

Can someone help me with a non book related query?

Ive just recieved from ebay and auction I won for a Kill Bill trading card, it is suppose to be rare etc and is no 25 out of 50

Does anyone know where I cna purcahse the whole set from?

Nowhere in England has heard about this!

They are limited edition Volume 1 trading cards made by Flash International


never heard of it.

i am looking forward to your comments on the book

So what did you think of the book?

I don’t own it