The Super Awesome QTA Movieclub

Here is how it goes!

We decide each week or month on one movie which the members of this dear forum can watch and then discuss that movie at the end of the week. This is some way to create some discussion on one particular movie which we all have just injected into our system by watching it.

Good or bad idea? Lemme know! Movie to watch idea is welcome! :angel:

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I think it’s a great idea, however some people may not have the required films readily available to them.

Part of this “new deal” is getting the movie! :angel:

It’s a holy spiritual road trip to get the movie the QTA audience decide on watching.

Now we need a list to make this work. If a movie gets 3 votes by different members it gets on the list. The earlier some movie gets 3 votes the higher on the “to watch” list it will be.

This way we will decide what movie to watch next.

I’ll start with voting: Amarcord (Fellini), La Dolce Vita (Fellini), Le Cercle Rouge (Melville), Lost in Translation (S. Coppola), La Haine (Kassovitz).

This is an amazing idea, Seth. Let’s do it! You gonna actually be around every week? I mean, if you’re not, then fuck it, I’m not doing it. ;D

(edit: I vote for Lost in Translation first, since I have it, and it’s brilliant… I’ll think of more later… After I get an answer from Seth.)

I will be a good boy and log in at least once a week :angel:

Let’s just have one week time to watch the movie with 3 votes. In the meantime people can vote for movies on the list. After that a week of discussion opportunity and then the next movie to have 3 votes the fastest.

So the sweet LiT has 2 votes now! :smiley:

Cool! I’m looking forward to expanding my DVD collection based on y’all’s suggestions. I hope that all the ones voted for are cheap as hell on amazon… Oooh! We should look it up on amazon and post the link here, so that those that don’t have it can order it using the link here, and we can make Seb some money too.

Awesome idea! I hope this will work out! And not die a fast unglorious basterdish death. :wink:

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Lost in Translation, buy it there if you don’t have it.

So we’ve settled for Lost In Translation this week ?

I vote for LiT too (Seth must have known my answer already). :stuck_out_tongue:

Then I vote for Le cercle rouge and for La haine. If LiT isn’t picked up.

Edit : I gave my LiT dvd to a kid where I’m working at, hope she’ll give it back this week !!

i vote for Le Cercle rouge

I vote for Lost in Translation, too. Now, if I can find my dvd…

I vote for La Dolce Vita, but I’ll gladly rewatch LIT.

I really like this idea! I’m down! ;D

Ahah, do you really like that much that idea, that you double-post the same post ;D

Pick up a movie, now, girl :wink:

Ahah, do you really like that much that idea, that you double-post the same post ;D

Pick up a movie, now, girl :wink:

Haha, damn. I was hoping to delete it before anyone noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

I just rented two movies about an hour or so ago. Rock n Rolla and the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I’m going to go watch Rock N Rolla now because it looks to be a good hang over movie. I’ll pick up LiT tommorrow!

What day are we going to set as the deadline for watching?

Ok, so we’ve definitely settled on LiT. Awesome. And yeah, what day is the deadline? Sunday?

Like we have to have this one watched and we can talk about it, then have a new movie voted in by next Sunday?

So LiT it is!

Let’s set the deadline for next sunday (22nd of feb). So everyone who wants to watch it (again) can do so. And please do rewatch it! So you will have it fresh in your system when posting your thoughts about it here! :angel:

I’m excited hehe

YES!!! I know what I’m doing tonight! Me, Bill Murray, and beer, celebrating the glory that is Sofia Coppola.