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The Soundtracks

I asume most of you listened to all of the QT soundtracks.Now wich one do you think is the best??

I definitely like Jackie Brown and Kill Bill the most,I can’t make up my mind.

Jackie Brown has the smooth soul vibes etc…and Kill Bill is just… :stuck_out_tongue: damn…the music gives me the shivers…

So I think I stick with Kill Bill…JB is runner up.

I see you and I got the same taste in music since JB was my favorite QT soundtrack untill Vol.1 showed up!

So now JB takes a backseat to Vol.1…We’ll just have to see if QT can now top himself.

I liked the FDTD soundtrack a lot because it has some nice blues/rock tunes.

the Jackie Brown one was cool because it was moody and blaxploitation-like

the Pulp Fiction one is still one of the most popular soundtracks ever. so many songs on that album are still played in clubs every night and all

the Kill Bill soundtrack is also becoming very popular. I like it the most, because it takes you on a journey through QT’s favorite movies and cult classics.

I also dug the True Romance soundtrack. The Reservoir Dogs soundtrack is total cult

Actually soundtracks are the center point in Tarantino’s movies.

I really like Res. Dogs and Jacki Brown

there kinda tied.

I dont have Pulp Fiction (yet)

but from what I hear from the movie, I probably wont like it as much as the other two. :-/

I don’t like the Jackie Brown soundtrack, I just don’t think that’s good music. Reservoir Dogs has two fuckin’ great soundtracks (Little Green Bag, Stuck In The Middle With You) but the rest is shit. So I like the Pulp soundtrack the most. Kill Bill is also very good but not better than Pulp and Reservoir Dogs.

1.Pulp Fiction

2.Reservoir Dogs

3.Kill Bill Vol. 1

4.Jackie Brown

Volume 2 will almmost definitely take number one, but until then:

4: Jackie Brown

3: Reservoir Dogs

2: Volume One

1: Pulp Fiction

I’m changing my opinion…Pulp rules!!!

early vote for vol. 2

[quote]early vote for vol. 2[/quote]

Yeah, right decision! The Volume 2 soundtracks kicks ass! Til now, my absolute favorite.

1.) Vol. 1

2.) Jackie Brown

3.) Pulp Fiction

4.) Reservoir Dogs

I think QT’s soundtracks got better with each movie he made.

[quote]1.) Vol. 1

2.) Jackie Brown

3.) Pulp Fiction

4.) Reservoir Dogs

I think QT’s soundtracks got better with each movie he made.[/quote]

Yeah, that could be right. The Vol. 2 soundtrack is awesome! Great stuff!

I love the “Kill Bill” soundtrack, “Jackie Brown” soundtrack, and of course the “From Dusk Till Dawn” soundtrack.

Amanda :smiley:

It’s a close one between Pulp and Kill Bill Volume 1, but I think Pulp just scrapes it!!

its the same thing with his movies

everyone’s good and you can’t decide which one is your favorite cos you like em all

I love PF soundtrack…fantastic!

KB’s also terrific.

I gotta go with Jackie Brown and and tie between both Kill Bill soundtracks.

1) PF

2) KB

3) RD (lovely but very short)

4) JB (haven’t heard all of them.)

[color=Red]1)Kill Bill Soundtracks

2)Pulp Fiction

3)Reservoir Dogs

4)Jackie Brown

1) KB2

2) Pulp Fiction

3) Reservoir dogs

4) KB 1

5) JB

1.Kill Bill Vol.1

2.Pulp Fiction

3.Kill Bill Vol.2

4.Jackie Brown

5.Reservoir Dogs