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The Shaw Brother's Zoom?

i never saw a Shaw Brother’s film (though i’m really interested). so therefore, i have no idea what a Shaw Brother’s Zoom is (used extensively in the script). could someone sort’ve describe it for me and others not familiar with it either?

i’m imagining that the zoom is very quick and fast, almost exagerated…

That’s about what it is. A short fast zoom. It’s often used when characters reveal something, or when characters are introduced. They’re used for much more than just that though.

Here’s a .gif (animated so you may have to wait around a while) of a shaw zoom from Crippled Avengers (of which i’ve posted about on here before) where we are introduced to Meng Lo’s character. The zoom isn’t quite this fast, but you should get the drift.

Hopefully that file isn’t too large. If it slows down the page too much i’ll take it down, or lower the size.

That Shaw Brothers zoom animated gif is a nice example. It looks more like a regular standard camera zoom to me though. I think the zooms QT is gonna use are even faster and pull in even closer to the subjects face.

If you want to see some zooms and you dont have any Shaw Brothers movies, check out Enter The Dragon starring Bruce Lee. That has several scenes with the quick “Shaw Brothers” style zooms in it. Watch the opening fight between Lee and the other guy, theres quick zooms in it. Also near the end when Bruce is fighting all those dudes in Hans underground lair.

They should have those in porno movies.

just bringing this topic back up in case people still dont know what the SHAW BROTHERS ZOOM is