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The script

who read the script? i did. I even read the novel.

I would go so far and call the script perfect. i mean, QT took away everything that wasn’t really necessary, although the novel is really HUGE.

what did you think about the script?

I’ve read the script,yes…it’s good,very good.So is the movie.It’s all about the characters of course,their struggles to secure their money needs.

I guess the only thing in the movie that there might be too much of is money counting.But it’s obvious that Quentin chose this to show how important money is as people get older.

The script is great. I havent read Rum Punch, but Elmore Leonard has said JB is THE best movie adaptation of all his books, so that pretty much says it all. I think QT knows Elmore Leonards style because hes been a fan so long, plus hes a writer who was heavily influenced by Leonards work. He definitely did a great job with the characters in JB. Its a more personal mature film across the board, I really dig it.

I have read the script and the novel. I agree that QT took out all the long, drawn out parts and kept the essentials in.