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The Quentin Tarantino Collection DVD Box - Nordic release

I bought this on last friday (26.11.2004). This is “Finland-release”. This in mind, the box has been released in Sweden (rumours say that Pulp Fiction isn’t included), Norway and in Danmark. There isn’t going to be release for R1 on in other european countries, I think… because we always have had this “barebone” releases of pulp, jackie and dogs with crappy sound and picture quality. Now we have best for both worlds 8)

Here are some pics of it.

And the extras list’s are here - the ones marked in red are the one included in the "Finn-box"

Jackie Brown [R2 CE United Kingdom]

[size=1][color=Red] - Quentin Tarantino DVD intro

[color=Red] - “How It Went Down” original documentary

[color=Red] - A look back at Jackie Brown - interview with Quentin Tarantino

[color=Red] - Chick with Guns video

[color=Red] - Deleted and alternate scenes with Tarantino introduction

[color=Red] - Siskel & Ebert review Jackie Brown

  • Jackie Brown on MTV (promotional contest)

    [color=Red] - Theatrical trailers
  • TV spots
  • Still galleries
  • Reviews
  • Articles
  • Filmographies
  • Robert Forster trailers
  • Pam Grier radio spots
  • Pam Grier trailers[/size]

    Reservoir Dogs [R4 CE Australia]

    [size=1][color=Red] - “Original interviews”

    [color=Red] - 3 deleted scenes, and 2 alternate takes

    [color=Red] - Theatrical trailer
  • “K-Billy radio” -feature (allows you to listen to selections from the soundtrack)

    [color=Red] - “Class of ´92” -featurette (from the “1992 Sundance Festival”)

    [color=Red] - “Tributes and dedications” -featurette (interviews)

    [color=Red] - “The film noir web” -featurette (interviews, with “The Noir Files”)

    [color=Red] - “Small Dogs” -featurette (RD action figures - 4:07 min)

    [color=Red] - “Securing the shot: Location scouting with Billy Fox)” -featurette (4:22 min)

    [color=Red] - “Reservoir Dogs style guide” -featurette (0:22 sec)[/size]

    Pulp Fiction [R2 SE United Kingdom]

    [size=1][color=Red] - “Pulp Fiction: The Facts” documentary (30:29)

    [color=Red] - Deleted Scenes

    [color=Red] - Behind-The-Scenes Montages

    [color=Red] - “Production Design” featurette (6:22)

    [color=Red] - Siskel & Ebert ‘At The Movies’ - “The Tarantino Generation” (15:59)

    [color=Red] - Independent Spirit Awards (11:28)

    [color=Red] - Cannes Film Festival - “Palm d’Or Acceptance Speech” (5:19)

    [color=Red] - Charlie Rose Show (55:24)

    [color=Red] - Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Still Galleries
  • Reviews And Articles[/size]

    Any questions?

This is one quiet forum :-</E>

woa, that looks nice

looks great…guess it’s special edition res. dogs and jackie brown and kill bill 1 (1 disc) and kill bill 2 (i disc).

pulp fiction’s not included…but it’s very cheap! consedering to buy it. (have already special edition PF)

That’s going on my Birthday-Prezzie wish list!

wait, its a finnish release but the dvds in it are the aussie and UK discs?

Well, we had the barebone version here, as glottis say, so instead of making new releases they probably just used the other versions available. UK releases often don’ have nordic subs, but in this case they probably do - and the australien releases often have nordic subs :slight_smile:

There is actually two different versions of the box, atleast here in Sweden. The most common is the one without Pulp Fiction, but i managed to find the one with PF.