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The Pussycat Dolls: Whores or talanted dancers and singers?

Whores or talented singers and dancers?

  • Whores
  • Talents

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I think they are very talented, i like watching them perform.

What do you think?

To me it’s not a group, it’s one singer with a couple of dancers around her. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like them that much. :-X

Mostly whores, but they sing pretty good even though their songs sucks.

That Don’tcha Wish you were hot like me song has a fresh, catchy beat.

Other then that they’re talentless worms making popular music worse with each song they make.

the main one is from where I live. That’s the only thing I know about them.

There just a product of over-sexualized music. A pointlessly large group of ‘hotties’ singing trashy songs was bound to happen. Their music is secondary to their looks. Doesn’t anyone else find that sad?

Never understood why people think like that? Not all of their songs are “over-sexualized”. They started as underground burlesque performers and I liked them better that way.

Because thats how music has been going for a long time.

Their music follows the typical skanky music rules.

Put out a skanky gross video, then a heartfelt one, so people can relate to you, and forgive you for your trashy ways. Then comes the next skanky one, and so on and so forth.

Well, whatever, thay are awesome dancers and that’s all I need to know.

can´t they be both?

Someone can act like a ‘whore’ and still be incredibly talaented. Alot of rock stars are complete whores. But, I don’t beleive the pussy cat dolls are talented, musically anyway.

This happens in alot of genres. Rap for example, they start off underground and show their talents that way. Then when record companys get ahold of them, that’s when the “Bling” and stupid songs come into play.

The Pussycat Dolls prob started with a young group of girls like Destiny’s Child, then the record companys rip them apart, or turn them into sluts.

Singing and Dancing at the same time does take talent. Country singers can’t do that shit. But have they really made anything worth living through the ages? I doubt it. Can you really dance to their music? Seems like videos lately just splice thousand of clips together. I can bounce around on a chair then spin it. Usher is a better example of talent.

My favorite artist, David Byrne, writes great music, plays tons of instruments and showcases various styles of music from South America, Africa and Europe. He’s also scored movies. Now thats talent!

Sully Erna is talent! Lead singer from Godsmack plays Drums, Guitar, and vocals! Heck he was the drummer but needed a lead singer, so became that instead.

I like Godsmack, but their latest album is so weak. They are great live, I saw them with Metallica.

They can be whores AND talented singer/dancers. There should be a BOTH option on that poll! :slight_smile:

They can be whores AND talented singer/dancers. There should be a BOTH option on that poll! :slight_smile:

The creator of the Pussycat Dolls, Robin Antin!

Aren’t they cuties?

Yes indeed!