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The Psychic and Gulliver's Travels

You guys have two versions of each listed as the one’s QT showed at his Film Fests. First up in QT Film Fest 4 you guys have The Psychic (1977) directed by Lucio Fulci then down below at the bottom portion of the page according to it’s The Psychic (1968) directed by James F. Hurley. Then for QT Film Fest 5 it says Gulliver’s Travels (1939) directed by Peter Hunt when he directed a version in 1977 and not 1939. The 1939 one was directed by David Fleischer. I’m pretty sure it was the 1939 one directed by fleischer that he showed and I also think it was the lucio fulci psychic that he screened but i just want to make sure. As always any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

well I didn’t compile these lists, I got them. so if you spot mistakes that are 100% mistakes, feel free to correct those

It was def Fulci’s The Psychic, not sure about Gullivers Travels tho.