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The Proposition

I absolutely love this film. Its stunning. The trailer doesn’t do it justice, bu here it is anyway:

Its a must see.

I need to buy that movie someday.

Yeah this was one of my favorite movies I’ve seen in the past year, the climax is simply amazing.

One of the best Australian films of the past ten years. Our industry needed a good film like the Proposition. Not to mention it’s probably the best “western” in recent years.

I know. Its so damn good isn’t it? Acting is perfect. The cinematography is perfect. Eveyrthing is perfect. I wouldn’t want it changed any other way.

still haven’t watched it, although I have it… it’s about time. watched Seraphim Falls first, awesome as well

still haven’t watched it, although I have it… it’s about time. watched Seraphim Falls first, awesome as well

I also haven’t watched The Proposition yet, and I had it for a year. Will need to track that one down again.

I heard Seraphim Falls starts of great but only worsens as the film goes along. How much truth is there in this? I am wanting to watch this at the cinema, but unsure.

seraphim falls is worth the trip to the cinema but its still only a 6.5/7 out of ten. Great performance by pierce brosnan though and some lovely cinematography but it all loses its momentum in the final third and ends on a rather trite note.

proposition was underwhelming. i didnt like it that much…

i loved seraphim falls though

Haven’t seen Seraphim Falls yet, or 3:10 to Yuma for that matter. I had other things to worry about so didn’t have the time.

However, I blindly bought The Proposition (would only blindly buy a western) and I gotta say it’s one of my best purchases. Absolutely loved it. I like where it’s taking the Western, others seem to have followed suit i.e. setting it somewhere fairly original, with a stronger story and more substance. The visuals were absolutely amazing, and I really loved the directorial style. Furthermore, I fell in love with Nick Cave’s score in this. It’s fairly base heavy, but it doesn’t boom, it’s light and flows. I watched it upscaled, so although the visuals were astonishing, the sound wasn’t. That’s why I’ve been meaning to watch it here in 5.1 surround sound. But I’m really lazy when it comes to films. It’s a good month for me if I manage to watch ONE film. I also recognised Cave’s score in the Asassination of Jesse James. I don’t know what the relation there is, but there seems to be a nice circle of familarity going on - where Roger Deakins has done the cinematography for Jesse James (a modern western like The Proposition) and No Country For Old Men (of course, another modern western). Finally, brilliant performaces by all (I took an unhealthy liking to Danny Huston because of his badassness), and especially from Ray Winstone with his run-down, ragged looks. It felt like he would drop dead at any minute.

Defnitely one to watch for you western fans. The Western has well and truly been resurrected and with a lot more depth and character, appears to be just as badass as those made famous by Ford, Leone and Pekinpah.