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The opening scene to my new movie

Hi everyone, I’ve just got my production company up and running and i’ll be shooting my first live action film early next month and so decided to share with you a mock up of the opening shot.

This mock up was created for the actors, so they know wat I’d like them to do on the day. The shot features

me and only me, with me behind camera, me behind the editing, and me behind the mixing.

Hope u enjoy it. Right click and save as.

it looks so fucking fake dude. >:(

There was two parts i liked :slight_smile:

the scene with the 3 people walking with blood on them and the fade to red

just dont yell at me telling me to make a film because i did it was a 2 hour documentry about the iraq war it wasnt as good as Faherenheit 9/11 but frankly nonfiction filmmaking has that appeal that you can change the WORLD

HAHAHA - of course it looks fake LOL it is fake, thats just a pre-vis to give the actors ideas for wen the cameras really rolling. Still not sure about the DJ, hes deffo gonna be the last to die but not sure about the context (i.e - is he injured, hiding, scared, brave ect.)

Thanks for the comments.

haha whoa, euhm yeah ok haha that was fucking crazy

[quote]haha whoa, euhm yeah ok haha that was fucking crazy[/quote]

Yeh, I think… fucking crazy is the right kind of words :wink:

And funny!:slight_smile: