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Well i give Thriller a 8 so I would have to give SS a 7(hope that helps)


^ Cool. I will buy! Thanks.

By the way, what would you give a 10 in the exploitation movies?


what you consider dawn of the dead exploitation?


^ I would. Gory to the max. Plus gory. Did I mention gory.


And is your avy from Zombi 2?


I’ll have to say if i had to give a perfect ten it would go to, Dawn of the dead and coffy. Yea and my avy is from zombi 2. 2nd greatest zombie in the history of zombies.


^ Yes sir, Zombi is 2nd best! But I would rate Coffy and DOTD 10 too!


class of nuke em high is a definate 10 you ever see it?


my 10’s are:

Thriller, Coffy, DawnOTD, MasterOTFlyingG

Well those are Some of my 10s!


And I never seen Nuke em high! Want to someday! Might this week!


switch blade sisters was good, i just dont see why QT liked it so much though. Jack hills other work like coffy is so much better than it. but dont get me wrong it was good


you see toxic avenger? that would also go for 10 too.


Need to get back on topic.

^ Cool. I will buy! Thanks.

By the way, what would you give a 10 in the exploitation movies?
Fight for you life

Walking Tall

Rolling Thunder

Master of the flying guillotine

Vanishing Point

Dirty Marry Crazy Larry


Have anyone seen Russ meyer’s Vixen or Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

I want to! Are they good?


Vanishing Point is a 10! I forgot! I liked Walking Tall too, but haven’t seen it for a while! Was Fight for your life that good?


Toxic Avenger was funny!


re animator also definate ten, very good i can watch that film over and over.and puppet master without a doubt 10.


^ I agree, but I try to stay away from 80’s exploitation movies! I just call them Horror movies! They are still good, but they don’t do the stuff they did in the 70’s! You know what I’m saying? Escape from NY, Toxic Avenger, and just saw that Nuke em High trailer, they are prob the last of the “Grindhouse” stuff I think!


Talk about Exploiataion films here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 77.30.html”>,77.30.html</LINK_TEXT>


I re-listed all the dvds I have, and I now reach 423 movies and 162 music dvd.