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The Music

I love the soundtrack to Natural Born killers, but with the list of songs being so huge, no time has been taken to specify some of the songs which i really want to get. e.g. Does anyone know which part of Wozzeck or Madame Butterfly is playing when he shoots the gun or throws the knife? Does anyone know where to find “black strait jacket” by Elmer Bernstein. Does anyone know where to find the songs by tomandandy which exist no where, and also the same for the Richard Gibbs songs “Cartoonicide” or “B Swell.” These may sound like i am searching for the weird and random music samples of the film, but i know i and loads of other people had problems like this with Kill Bill music and it was this site that helped me get most rare parts of that soundtrack. Thanx!


<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.tarantinoitalia.altervista.o … dtrack.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

you find the complete tracklist, I’ll traslate it in english very soon! :wink: