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The Most Awesome Trailer of All Time

The original Juno? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahaha. Is that really the most awesome trailer of all time ? I think it could have been better, a lot of my friends didn’t want to see it because of the trailer and I forced them, they didn’t regret it of course but the trailer didn’t seem that much appealing.

I have no idea what’s my fav trailer of all time, would require a bit of concentration… and a bit of time…


How much do you know about saaaex!?

Box office records - yada yada- Most important film you’ll ever see!

Where’s your daughter tonight?

Teenage mudda! Means nine months of trouble!

She was a real tease. x2 ;D

She turned brudda against brudda’!

There’s no such thing as alittle bit pregnant


Brief Lecture on how to use our bodies!



A buddy of mine’s got a two disc set full of those kinds of movies (mostly anti-drug movies though). They’re funny at first but they get old pretty quick. My favorite is probly Marijuana Girl.