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The master of detail

Little details make good movies great.

What little detail do you love about reservoir dogs?

I love mr blondes laughing…

Blonde shooting White with his finger was a nice touch.

I loved the silver surfer poster in Newendyke’s room.

I also loved the fact that Mr White’s name is actually Lawrence Dimick (Jimmy Dimick = QT in Pulp Fiction). you can see that in the deleted scene “background check”. That’s pretty funny.

In Pulp fiction, Larry (Mr White) would be Jimmy’s uncle

I always think its funny when Mr Whites trying to light the lighter by snapping his fingers. Now that I think of it, that may supposed to be something he does when hes in deep shit, like a thing he does when hes nervous. Nice touch.

He also “lights”/not lights his cigg with the flame about 2in. from it.

I love the way Mr Pink jerks backwards after punching Marvin in the face.

How Blonde dusts himself off while sitting on top off the herse

The whold aguement bout 'why do I have to be mr pink’


[quote]He also “lights”/not lights his cigg with the flame about 2in. from it.[/quote]

I think what happens in that scene is hes going to light the cigarette but hes thinking about whats going on and instead of lighting it, he doesnt and starts talking to Mr Pink.

I love the way Mr. Orange shoots his victims. Every time he killed a person,he lowered the pistol, raised it again, and then lowered it for another time. He does this both with Mr. Blonde and with the lady in the car.

I also like that orange balloon trailing after Nice Guy Eddie’s car. ( as a sort of hint).

Also when Blonde took out the razor and shaved a little facial hair and blew it off the blade while walking past marvin to check out orange. 8)

The way Orange was telling the story about the cops in the restroom.

Every scene with mr blonde

Song during the closing credits

"Toby. Toby Wong. Toby Chung"

right as Eddie is about to walk into the warehouse of the first time…we see Blonde sitting on the hearse…right as the door of the warehouse opens, Mr. Blonde turns to the door quickly while reaching towards his gun as if a reflex to some cops coming in…then he stops when its Eddie…but it makes you think about Mr. Blonde more. Like him being a kill crazy pyscho in the robbery…if he flinches that bad from someone walking in…what would he do if some black girl is going towards an alarm?

In the opening scene Mr. Orange rats out Pink for not tipping. Real gangstas don’t taddle-tale.

I like how some of the guys complain about their names, because it was so natural. I’d prolly complain about Pink as a name.

I like the detail of Joe Eddie and Blonde’s conversation about the perole, and him “working.” Nice touch on the Scagnetti thing.

i like how the ear is still visible through the whole last scene…props to the propmaster (pun) for remembering the eaR! :smiley:

Also when they are all walking together in the beginning, Mr.Blonde blows the smoke and you hear the sound effect in the song.

During the breakfast scene, Pink does this thing where he glances into his coffee cup (it’s empty, judging from his face) and then he checks to see where the fuck the waitress is with this really pissed expression on his face. This is before the “no-tipping” speech so it’s a neat little detail that I thought was just great acting.

She only filled his cup 3 times.

Just the way Pink looks. He’s so fuckin’ ugly…he makes me laugh every time I see him. But that isn’t really a detail is it?

The best thing ever is in the ‘Background check’ deleted scene. It says on the piece of paper that’s being printed, ‘Personal: Aversion to cats.’ That’s SO COOL, especially since I have an aversion to cats, too.

the best part is when Mr. Blonde says:

"Either their dead or alive, or the cops got em’ or the didn’t."

They way he raises his arms when he says it.