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The man in the new rolling stone issue

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nice article, although more buzz than info

This is like the first RS magazine I’ve been interested in a bit, man they’ve gone down hill, Justin Timberlake has been on the coverabout 3 times in the past year!

i bought the one that had angelina jolie on the cover and that was it

I buy one’s that look interesting off ebay all the time, I got bowie with a hunter S. thompson article, the beatle’s, etc.

"The Goddess and The Geek"

Quentin gets NO RESPECT I tell ya!

there’s also a review for volume 2 in the issue

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[quote]nice article, although more buzz than info[/quote]

Buy the issue! The website only has a small portion of the article.


[quote]"The Goddess and The Geek"

Quentin gets NO RESPECT I tell ya![/quote]

At least they didn't say "Beauty and the Beast"...

well he is a geek. if you think about it we all are. he just happens to make great scripts too

Just finished reading the entire Rolling Stone article. Good read!!!


Fuck yeah, Rolling Stone magazine rules…Anyone around here interested in Hunter S.Thompson?

…a little off the subject, I do realise…they had a great issue with him in it. Can’t believe I missed this one though. Never mind. sulks