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The Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz

I did some more research to see if I could find more movie connections to Kill Bill. I came across another interesting thing. One of the chapters in Kill Bill is titled “The Lonely Grave Of Paula Schultz”.

There is a film called “The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz” (1968. Its a comedy. It stars Elke Sommer as Paula Schultz and Bob Crane (Capt Hogan in Hogans Heroes) as BILL Mason.

Heres a short review of it from

"The absolutely one and only reason to watch this cinematic stinkeroo is to see the cast of “Hogan’s Heroes” in a Cold War setting rather than World War II. (And that’s a dubious enough reason.) Instead of Nazi Germany being run by a bunch of bumbling idiots, in this film, it’s East Germany. The taste of the original television series was questionable, and this film only underlines that judgement. Avoid it if you can."

I dont know if this has some real connection to the film, or if its just a coincidence. But it sounds like a film QT saw as a kid (He was born in 1963). What do you guys think?

If we could find out some details about this part of Kill Bill, I think it might be clearer whether its a real reference to the film or not.

Well the only one to help us with that is Mike so…Mike? Where u at?

It is a possiblity that there is some sort of connection i mean a name like Paula Schultz must have come from somewhere and Vic i think u found the source!


Well, what do you want me to say? I could give away this plot point if you really want me to but so far from what I’ve read, there might just be a connection like that but no cool connection. Maybe just the name Paula Schultz. You tell me whether I should tell you what it means or not?

By the way, Sebastian, with all this analysis of QT, and more coming when Kill Bill comes out, you own everything that’s written on this site, right? You should publish it or something. You can do that. All of us can be immortalized in your book and it would most definetly get the big man’s attention. This internet thing is great for movie people. I hope they don’t shut it down anytime soon.

Id definitely like to know who Paula Schultz is. Out of all the chapters in the film, this one is the one that sounds really intriguing to me. It sounds like a horror movie title or something.

i just love the chapter. i mean, the whole thing surrounds the “cruel tutelage of pai mei” chapter and its so geniously connected but it’s definitely something not to spoil too early.

just imagine Uma Thurman dirty from toes to ears. so cool

This was my least fave chapter.

I think it’s the best and only making-sense scene to end Volume 1 with, don’t you think? What other scene would make sense as a cliffhanger ending?

I don’t think there’s any better place to end Vol. 1. I mean, she’s been kickin’ ass and takin’ names, being all big and bad, and she’s almost done with her list right? Now she’s in deep cacka! How the in the name of Zeus’ butthole does she get out a Coffin 6 feet down under. :’(

For the causal movie go’er who hasn’t read the awsome awsome script, they have no idea! :o

That would definitely be the best part to end Volume 1. Where else can you end it? When I read the script I kept thinking “Holy fucking shit! Budd just killed the Bride! No one else could but he just did it and it was so easy for him!” The Sidewinder is my favorite character because he was the only one who could kick the Bride’s ass.

I think Paula Schultz is just some random grave Budd picked to bury her in. Maybe it does have some other meaning, and knowing Quentin, it should.

I think Paula Schultz is just some random grave Budd picked to bury her in. Maybe it does have some other meaning, and knowing Quentin, it should.[/quote]

I saw The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz last winter on Cinemax. It was really a good romantic/screwball comedy. Its about a champion German athlete named Paula Schultz (Elke Sommer) who gets into trouble by jumping over The Berlin Wall. Bill (Bob Crane) falls in love with her and he tries to help her get out of the country. It was alot of fun and Elke Sommer is sexy as hell as Paula Schultz (who, like the Bride is tall and blonde). Lots of 60s style fun and laughs.

I can guarantee QT got the name of the chapter from this film. Its just too much of a coincidence. Also, QT is a huge fan of the screwball/romantic comedy genre.

Someone should ask him about this possible connection someday when they get a chance.