The Jack Rabbit Slim's Trophy

Supposedly you can hear when Butch is walking through the alley towards the hotel on a radio that the dance trophy was stolen from the diner.

I listened to it and you can definitely hear “this is the jack rabbits slim” but nothing about the tropy. Any input?

The stolen idea is just another rumor topic, like the briefcase. And no if really doesn’t say it was stolen, I’ve listened to it on full blast and all I hear is what you hear.

If you watch the special edition dvd, with special trivia subtitles in it, they said the Jack Rabbit Slims part on the radio when Butch walk by, it is actually an ad for the restaurant.

Ok, on the DVD trivia track, it mentions that some ppl believe that Mia and Vincent did not win the twist contest but stole the trophy. I was wondering if there were anyone that believes this and actually has support for it.

If they didn’t win for that dance then i don’t know who did. That dance fucking ruled!

Here´s a link to a post made by Deliveryman about this “The trophy is stolen” stuff.