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The Italian phrases


Hi :slight_smile:

I always wondered what Luca is talking in the hotel-bedroom-gun-loading scene, to which Marvin replies ‘you talkin to me, you f***in wop, yo?’ I already searched this forums as well as some googling. I’d like to see the original text (Italian) … the translation isn’t that important to me.

Thanks for any help.


buenas dias Grim Fandango


Hehe, hi… but Name’s Many Calavera ;D Grim Fandango was just the game title


Well, I know it’s quite late… ;D

The italian gangster says “Fuck you” and “Son of a bitch” in sicilian ;D

It was very funny to me! ;D ;D ;D


haha quite late yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

but it was very funny indeed, vaffanculoooooo