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The "I'm back" Topic:

I have been abscent from the forum from some time now, and have no time to read the new posts, that sucks. There is a reason; the army.

It’s mandatory for all men in Norway to join the army, that, unfortunetly, includes me. This is no life for a movie geek. I haven’t seen a movie for 5 days! With 14-15 hour days and 7 hours of sleep, there’s not much time to do anything. I’ll be home next weekend and I will get updated on the forum, that will probably take half a day. Gotta’ go, if I’m late I will be punished with push-ups, and I’ve had my share of those recently.

Till next time…

I just changed the name of this topic, so we can use it for everyone who come back after a while. - cps

Norway has an Army? FOR WHAT REASON?!!! lol.

I didn’t get drafted! we have new regulations and for mediocre-rated guys like me, there’s the luck on my side :wink:

make the best out of it! shoot some paper-targets, let yourself be yelled at and drink lots of vodka!

That is some fucked up shit. I can’t believe that in this day and age you are being forced into the army. I feel sorry for you. What a fuckin’ joke. I hope everything works out for you man. Good luck.


[quote]Norway has an Army? FOR WHAT REASON?!!! lol.

I tend to ask that question myself, we can’t stand up against shit. Anyway, I’m in this thing called National Support Element, it’s supporting element to the norwegian forces abroad. (That means I get to support the war in Iraq in a very active way, irony is fucking hysterical.) :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been five weeks now, and I have learned lots of things about how to waste tax payers money most efficiently. Seb mentioned paper-targets, yeah, I have been giving those a hard time. Using live ammo with NATO’s most powerful standard automated rifle may seem fun… it’s not! After every shooting you have to clean your rifle for 1-2 hours. Sometimes we’re given blanks and sent into the woods to make noise and crawl on the ground. This is when all the smart guys doesn’t fire their weapons, they just crawl on the ground. There’s allways this trigger happy guy around to make the noise for you. No blanks fired means no cleaning of weapon.

The constant walking, running, standing correct and cleaning your room is subsiding. We are no longer infantry, we are learning to be truckers. This is where army life gets fun, driving 25000 kilos of Scania downtown in the nearest city is really something. An officer is even considering me for Tanks transport, a huge semi with a german Leopard II. That’s 80000 kilos of vehicle, that’s fucking awesome!

But it’s not worth it, it’s a whole year of getting up early, eating food that tastes like crap and being out in the field 60-80 days during the year. It turns out that things like cs-gas without gas mask, fire drills in the middle of the night and heavy rain during long walks is no fun either.

A funny story before I sign off, I was showing my closet for inspection the other day, and the inspecting officer took an interest in the book I was reading, saying it was a very good book. The book I’m currently reading is none other than “Stupid White Men”, a book I, and several others in my troop, have brought to seem more like rebels. The norwegian army is after all very US-friendly. So much for being a rebel.

Here in Greece is also mandatory to join the army, and I don’t see what’s the problem with it! I mean it is your duty to serve your country in case of a stupid war! Wars happen all the time for stupid reasons and defence in need, in case of a war for example between Greece and Turkey happen (I hope it aint’ gonna happen again!) Here after finishing school you must join the army, except if you qualify in a university, you will join the army after you finish your studies! But if you want you can join the army first for about 8-10 months and then start your studies! I personally chose to finish my exams first ,and then join, that means, I’ll join it in about 2 or 3 years from now! Ken try to make fun out of it!

You’re in the army now, oh…ohhh… you’re in the army… NOW!

hey Ken.

nice reporting in! I hope you don’t get too bored. It’s great that you visit us from time to time. Be good!

Good Luck :slight_smile:

We are lucky in America we don’t draft anybody anymore. ;D

That’s terrible that you have to be forced into the army. That’s unfair. Shit, does Norway even need an army?


Hi, it’s the guy in green reporting.

What have I been doing the past few months? Seen way to few movies obviously. I got my own Scania (not the big ones), an armored motherfucker, I’ll break a sweat just opening the door, but, hey… that means less time in the woods shooting.

Enough of this boring military nonsence, you will be glad to hear I’ve seen Kill Bill, words can’t describe it, but I still think it should have been one movie.

Well, I’m off to see Once upon a time in Mexico, and I’ll try to update my DVD collection post tomorrow. Then I’ll be back on the forum by christmas.

Not to be the guy who pisses everybody off, but in a way I think Americans maybe should have to be forced to be in the Army. I don’t nessicarily agree with any war, but lets face it they come up and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. But if every U.S. citizen was required to be in the Army for a period of time, maybe the prospect of war wouldn’t be handed out quickly. The whole argument about rich people sending poor peoples sons out in to war wouldn’t even be an issue. The Army helps with college, so maybe more young people could have both of those experiences under thier belt.

Think about the attitudes of todays people my age and younger, we take everything for granted. Freedom. Wealth. Health. Life in general. I know the generation of Deppression, WW2, and Korea were probably the last truly strong generation.

Now I’m not in the Army, and I guess you could call me a hippocrit for that. But that’s kind of my point. I’ve always had an unfair view of the army, because everyone I ever knew in the army, was either a criminal, blind patriot, or a macho-fucker. If I had to go I would, but I wouldn’t throw myself into it, for fear of turning into that type of person( no matter how unfair that is ), and from cutting temporary ties with home and luxury.

I dont even know what I’m trying to say, I’m just not sure that it is a bad idea.

If there was still a draft, I would go and fight for my country. I love guns, and I love my country, so I would have no problem going to fight. I almost joined the army, when I got out of high school, because they wouldn’t stop calling, because of my ASVAB score. I heard all they had to offer, but I wanted to be a writer so I went to college, and then soon fropped out to start a business to make money. I think I made the right choice, but if the president called on me, I would go. I think I could handle it.

The holidays are over, unfortunetly, I have to lay off the heavy drinking and dangerous use of fireworks. It’s a good thing the army can get me back on track by arming me with a powerful rifle and a 16 ton truck on snow covered norwegian roads. But, hey… I’m half way there, only 5 months to go.

I’ve finally updated my DVD collection, it’s getting quite large, and that gets me quite happy. The worst thing about the military is that you don’t get to see many movies, DVD’s are allmost banned by the general soldier, most of them only care about The Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire, Temptation Island, Popstars Canada (who the fuck cares about Canada?) and other awful shows. Any film older than 1990 is considered bad, Battle Royale is considered a waste of time and Futurama is considered boring. Why my head hasn’t exploded yet is a fucking good question. But I’m only home for the weekend, can’t waste my prescious time in this forum, I need movies… and beer!

Okay, I just changed the title of this topic, so every member can use it for a “Hi, I´m back” post, maybe after a holiday or whatever. (you know  :wink: one theme - one topic…)

Well I found this in the KB section:


Hey, y’all it’s been awhile huh? well I just got Volume:2 cool movie BTW: what was your or your friends first impressions of Budd I thought that he was once a bad-ass. I was waiting for him to kick his boss’s ass  and stick Rockets head in the toliet sadly it never happend.

(please talk about Kb in the KB section)

And welcome back!


[size=0.1](but does anyone remember me?)[/size]

I’m back from a two week holiday.

Hey, what is up with some more information?

Where was you going to? Did you have fun?

IMO, if this is a “I´m back topic”, we should tell a little bit more!

I went to Belgium. A friend of mine was with us, so it was pretty cool. We drunk a lot ofcourse. But you know what the funniest things are? The little differences with Holland. There mayonaisse tastes like shit, it’s so sour! And you can buy whiskey and al that kind of shit in a normal supermarket.