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Great soundtrack but I wish they included Regan’s Theme (from The Exorcist 2). The scene in which that theme plays is outstanding!

I’ve been trying to place all of the soundtrack cues, but some of them are giving me trouble. Much of the score as presented on the soundtrack is chopped up differently in the movie or sometimes not used at all as far as I can tell. Any plans to help with figuring this out Seb?

I’m guessing at least some of the tracks (beyond the overture of course) are missing from the film because they’re only used in the Roadshow version, but as I haven’t seen that version I really don’t know how different it is.

I just noticed the music selection option on the Blu-ray, which is convenient but doesn’t help a lot with determining the tracks, as most of them seem to be different versions with their own names.

Well the OST CD is fairly chronological…

Somewhat but not really. Eventually the music selection feature on the movie helped be sort it out, but very little actually lines up between the soundtrack and the movie. Several tracks on the album aren’t in the movie at all, and several tracks in the movie are very different versions of compositions than anything on the album. I just had to make my own version of the soundtrack as close as I could and leave it at that.

The first tarantino feature film to use an original score.

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Doesn’t Inglourious Basterds have an original score too?

Mh… not really, I mean not original in the sense hat it was originally made for IB

Well, when ennio declined Quentin’s request, tarantino would have asked john williams to write a score for it.

but he really didn’t :slight_smile:

I’m actually glad that didn’t happen! Ennio Morricone really knows how to give this musical Italian touch to Tarantino’s films.