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The Harvey Situation


Wow what a piece of shit that guy is. We are all pissed off that he victimized women, ruined his company and affected the lives of his collaborators, most notably QT. Feel free to unleash your anger and speak your mind here!


The entire thing is quite disheartening. There’s something rotten in the business (but not just in Hollywood). I can only hope that the least that comes out of this is an improvement for the situation and some kind of closure for victims.

On that note, here’s the article with Quentin Tarantino’s statement


I think whats up is this stuff is regular practice for guys like Harvey and they have a system where they can bully people into not talking. He goes to an actresses room, rapes her and says: You better not tell or your career will be over. BOOM. DONE. Either that or he pays them to shut up.

It just sucks for guys like QT who are connected to him, of course he doesnt want to deal with that shit but hes kinda stuck


I think the story is a bit thin on sources, maybe there will be some more reporting to corroborate it a bit more, but interesting nonetheless maybe


It seems as though Tarantino is the only honest one about it all… Actually appreciated his statement he wishes he would have done more.

Harvey can off himself.




What if Death Proof is really a movie about Harvey Weinstein?
There’s no need for us to know that Mike has a brother, but QT wrote that scene and so we know Mike’s brother’s name is Bob, just a coincidence?


Some stuff from Mira Sorvino


TWC closing in on a sale


It would be great to see this company run by a group of creative women in the business. I’d be interested in seeing what they would produce. The quality, the creativity, the originality. That’s what I’m looking for in a GOOD MOVIE.


Here’s some info on the potential buyers


What’s in a name?


Here comes the Bride


a flurry of articles later and QT finally broke the silence last night in Deadline


That’s a lot to take in from one article. A lot of mistakes were made and Weinstein is seen as even more of a dirtbag. Quentin made mistakes. I’m glad he had a chance to set things straight.

Is there anywhere you can see this footage of the spinout?


It was embedded in the NYT article and Uma also posted it on her Instagram


The sale has hit a snag


She really looks like she’s in pain. Disgusting they swept this under the rug. All this time and even Tarantino was quite. Unforgivable.


Lights out


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