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The green hornet thread

According to Hollywood Reporter, director Kevin Smith has met with Jake Gyllenhaal about taking the title role in his “Green Hornet” project for Miramax.

Their meeting was said to have been a positive chat with the actor about the famed character and the direction of the potential franchise. Smith is now interested in casting Gyllenhaal as the crime-fighting superhero who also doubles as Daily Sentinel publisher Britt Reid.

Other names may still be in the mix, but sources said Gyllenhaal appears to fit Smith’s current conception of the character.

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and… isn’t that thread about Jersey Girl…

Mysterio, retitle this THE GREEN HORNET THREAD so we can skip this kind of confusion

who’ll be kato?

I heard a while back it could be Jet Li

What is this about? Is this still gonna be made?

Doubt it. And if it will be made it’ll suck for a number of reasons.

Doubt it. And if it will be made it’ll suck for a number of reasons.
It only needs one: who plays the role of Kato? Like anyone could ever live up to Bruce…

Exactly. Plus that the series was too campy to be made into a modern movie.

It could be in a batman style I think…Make it even more campy…almost cartoonish

Rodriguez could pull it off I think :slight_smile:

It could be in a batman style I think…Make it even more campy…almost cartoonish


You mean sort of like Batman & Robin? :-X

You mean sort of like Batman & Robin? :-X

Hahhaha! I was more thinking about sin city meets batman returns meets classic green hornet…;D

With the right director this could be an awesome movie I think…

Kevin Smith having to do with it AT ALL doesnt assure me though…It will never get made anyway right?

Oh my, Kevin Smith. It will go something like this - “How many criminals have we arrested Kato?” “Thirty Seven” “You mean like the amount of dicks your girlfriend has sucked on?” “No, that’s your mother’s record”. God no.

Speaking of The Green Hornet and Kato, check out their cameo in a Batman episode. ;D

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Good luck to you mr hornet! Gosh batman! Why are they dressed like that for? ;D

I would love a Hornet movie in that style! Mixed with some highly stylised action and better images…

I laughed my ass off when there was a stand off between Robin and Kato at the end of one of their guest appearances. Burt Ward was copying Bruce Lee’s kung fu moves like HE knew kung fu! I think it came to a draw in the 2nd part of the show, but if Bruce had ever really fought Ward he wouldve torn him apart and left a green yellow and red stain on the floor! lol.

Remember way of the dragon? Bruce even owned Chuck…I mean, that says it all ;D :wink:

I wish there was this higly stylised B movie of the green hornet, with lots of violence and coolness…fuck all the new rules of blockbusterism…just go for coolness and style and become a cult legend again…

Yeah, but Burt Ward wasnt a martial artist and Bruce was Chuck’s kung fu teacher way before he was even a big movie star.

I dont know about a modern Green Hornet, I suppose they could do it. I guess it depends on how good the script is and who directs. We dont need another Schumacher type campy super hero film. Remember what they did with The Phantom and The Shadow? Those stunk!!

Yeah, it always depends on the scripts and mostly on who directs it. I am so dissapointed by the lack of balls in the industry though nowadays…Nobody goes for what they want, all go mostly for cashing in and fame.

The Shadow was a cool film. :stuck_out_tongue: And smith has written good comics, like his Green Arrow series. They would obviously have to hire a no-name for Kato since every major chinese martial artist is old and senile. Li said he’s done with martial arts films. Yuen Biao would have been perfect, 20 years ago.