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The Flight of the Conchords


Has anyone else seen this show?

I was at the video store with a friend of mine who has the WORST taste in movies. He was having a bad couple of weeks, so I offered to make him a nice dinner and rent a funny movie. Now, I don’t rent a lot of comedies, and if I let this guy choose we’d end up with Good Luck Chuck or something ridiculous like that, so we asked the video store guy, and he suggested this show. My older brother had been raving about it, so we got it. I’m not a fan of comedians doing funny songs, but…I’ve already watched the whole first season 4 times!! ;D Mostly because it is so funny, but also because I find Jemaine oddly sexy. Has any one else watched this yet? It’s on HBO and the next season will be starting in July I believe. The first season was only 12 episodes, so I hope the next one is more.


The Show…


OMG, this series is AWESOME. I love the songs so much, some sort of a mix between minimalist-electro-hiphop-funky-folk-style. Love it and love the actors. I’ve been recommanded this show by a friend too, I never doubt his taste and won’t more after this show, ahah.


Yea, I’m always impressed by the different types of music they can pull of vocally and actually sound good. Some of the songs I actually enjoy aside from being funny!

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