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The Films Of Clive Barker

PLace to discuss his films.

has anyone other than me and scarface that has seen rawhead rex?

has anyone other than me and scarface that has seen rawhead rex?

Not since it’s first arrival on video (Which was many,many years ago)

I think it’s the movie where I first heard the english term, “Bloody Hell”.

The only movie of his I’ve ever seen is The Plague and he was just a producer on that.

I wish he would make Weave World, perhaps a mini series, because thats one damn fine book.

I was looking through his filmography and forgot all about him making Lord of Illusions, anyone seen this. For some reason i really didn’t like it that much, it was ok, i couldent really get into it. 5.5 maybe 6/10

I could really get into Jessica though. I liked her darker look, not the bleeched out look she now sports.

I thought I was the only one in the land that liked Idol hands.

I think she is going back to the darker look and darker films, the eye and awake may be sign of that path being taken again. Plus she has been speaking of doing nothing but independent private productions, in which i hope does happen after sin city2, it would be much better for her career.

I’m really looking forward to Midnight Meat Train…

I haven’t seen too many of his directorial work… I guess Hellraiser was ok, but only for the unique ideas and the really cool effects, but otherwise it wasn’t that special for me… Mabye if I had seen it in the eighties…

The Plague was eh. I guess the director is trying to get his cut released, he has a documentary on it on his website… I’d check out the directors cut.