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The Ending

I know I’m entering this topic a little late but I have an answer to why Max tells the woman to call back in 30 min. OK here’s my theory…

Max probably hasn’t been with a woman in years. So,when Jackie kisses him, he gets all excited. Then the woman calls and Jackie walks away. Max is looking at her as she walks away. What do you think he’s looking at? (“Bigger? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.”) So he hangs up to savor the view. When she’s gone, what’s he walking toward? The Bathroom! And that’s when it gets out of focus because no one wants to see the datails of what he’s about to do. We can just hope that he actually washes his hands this time before he gets out.



Max just went to have a wank

and he IS fiftysix years old, so 30 minutes aint really that long for a lonely old guy like him

holy shit, its the truth!

So the ending is…Jackie leaves, Max jacks off. That’s how G’s do it.

I mean who wouldnt jack off after a steamy makeout session with their girlfriend


…and you… and her… simultaneous lovin babyyy

Why does it go blurry at the end when Max is walking off towards the back of the Bail Bond building? Has it got any significance? (by the way I love the first 20 seconds of “Across 110th Street” and to hear it twice in this movie was just awesome)

because the camerman got tired after 153 minutes of straight camera shooting, jeez ify give the man a break have you no decency?

[quote]Why does it go blurry at the end when Max is walking off towards the back of the Bail Bond building? Has it got any significance? (by the way I love the first 20 seconds of “Across 110th Street” and to hear it twice in this movie was just awesome)[/quote]

I like it when we hear the first few notes and the Miramax logo pops on screen. I always spooge over myself when I see that part


I like it when we hear the first few notes and the Miramax logo pops on screen. I always spooge over myself when I see that part[/quote]

Yeh it’s great then, i often watch that first 20 seconds like 5 times whenever i watch JB just because of that tune that plays, but I forgot that it also played at the end once when i watched it and when the song came on (at the end) I was in fuckin’ awe.

Also, I was thinking the camera goes blurry for a specific reason, I mean that shit looked like it was intentional. I just wondered what purpose it served. Anyone care to enlighten me?

It’s supposed to reflect the uncertainty of Max’s future.

[quote]It’s supposed to reflect the uncertainty of Max’s future.[/quote]

Thank You.

It’s supposed to reflect the uncertainty of Max’s future.
Says the subtitle track at the dvd. I think it’s just a great, beautiful shot. And it also makes you think the movie is over(which makes the scene afterwards with Jackie driving the car even better).

WTF is wrong with you?

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

I think a post got deleted. Someone was spamming the board with rap (so called) lyrics.

Maybe Max, knowing how the law works, is a little to wise to jump in the car with Jackie at this point. For one, it would look way suspicious and two, Jackie is a bad ass killer!

The ending to Jackie Brown is perfect. What I love about Jackie Brown is that you get to see the characters thinking. And when they are, you don’t always know what it is they are thinking about. Like when Ordell realises it was Jackie Brown that stole the money. He doesn’t just realise it, we get to watch him think like a normal human being until he figures it out.

The ending is like that. I’d like to think that it was just a bonehead move on Max’s part. I’d like to believe that he resolved to go, but it was too late and she had already gone. And he’ll probably regret not just going with her. Or KK’s idea sounds just as good too. I like that I don’t really know. I like that it is all just our opinions. Because no one’s a mind reader.

I just saw Jackie Brown for the first time.
I didn’t like the end, perhaps I will change my mind when I watch it again soon.

My initial response was WTF was Max thinking? I would have jumped into that car w/ JB in a heart beat!" Then I pondered the idea that the ATF would be onto JB for all of a sudden quitting her job (obviously) and flying off to Spain, thus he did not want to be seen as an accessory. So maybe Max saw her demise over her own actions, but if he did, he did not warn her so that thought is mute, he loved her. He HATED Ordell and wanted to see him go down I believe.

I had a couple other off the wall thoughts then a couple hours later the real reason
for that ending popped into my mind and that wishful thinking is this;


PS; We are not big on movies. If I believe it might be good we just wait for a cheap
DVD to come out. But I saw Pulp Fiction then Jackie Brown and now I want to see all things Quentin Tarentino. I asked my wife to find them all. CAN’T WAIT!

PSS Quentin, if you need an extra, let me know. I would be honored.

Im maybe trippin over the openness of the ending but thats how I ses it :
Max cherry ends up in a position where everything stands on his shoulders just because JB seems to trust him a lot. Max character is very quiet its hard to know his intentions during the movie but at the beginning we quickly understand that he’s very clever (oddel’s look at his office confirms oddel realized this too). I would say Max IS a quiet but maybe the most important character even more than JB because when she decides to trust him, the future of the 500 000 dollars is determined by max intentions. The moment he enters in the changing room at the shop for the money, the many doors mark that impression of many possibilities he has.
You think he let JB go to spain with the money ? NO i dont think so.
You think he changed his mind after the phone call and joined her after all 'cause he’s in love ? BITCH PLEASE i dont think so im not a fucking drama student sitting at strarbuck.
You remember they kept saying in the movie that your ennemy should Always think that youre affraid of him ? At the end she asks before kissing : a you scared of me ? Yes a bit he says. Max Always gave the impression of following JB’s plan. Who said the finality would be determined by her ? As I said the ending relies on max and his intentions are blurry, blurry as the last scene filming his back we dont see his face contrary to the front face POV a JB in her car --> she has been real to him she has shown her Real side but Tarrantino symbolics suggest that Max intentions are blurry and that he doesnt show his Real face. All relies on her trust for him now. Does he deserves this trust ?
He ends the phone call for her ? Maybe. Or maybe for the MONEY. He wanted to retire from his job. 500 000 IS the perfect timing. Maybe his final intentions are the MONEY. You will say yeeeah bat he IS in love. Ok he seems in love. Thats the best way for him to win her trust. Why would he act strangely to a person where winning her trust is the best way to obtain what he wants ? “Keep your ennemies closer.”

Or maybe that dude is a fucking cop. Remember he talked about arresting someone after having released her that night ? This dude arrests criminals. Here again the easiest way for him to succeed was to gain her trust and love.

“Can i call you back in 30mins ?” He says when ending the final call. Because something important is leaving for spain : his love ? The money ? The criminal (JB) ? THATS WHY THIS ENDING IS BRILLANT QUENTIN T LETS YOU IMAGINE MULTIPLES ENDINGS AND BRINGS YOU MANY CLUES AND SYMBOLS CONFIRMING DIFFERENT AND OPPOSITES ENDINGS.


The ending is opened to :