The Ending


It’s supposed to reflect the uncertainty of Max’s future.


[quote]It’s supposed to reflect the uncertainty of Max’s future.[/quote]

Thank You.


It’s supposed to reflect the uncertainty of Max’s future.
Says the subtitle track at the dvd. I think it’s just a great, beautiful shot. And it also makes you think the movie is over(which makes the scene afterwards with Jackie driving the car even better).


WTF is wrong with you?


What do you mean?


What do you mean?

I think a post got deleted. Someone was spamming the board with rap (so called) lyrics.

Maybe Max, knowing how the law works, is a little to wise to jump in the car with Jackie at this point. For one, it would look way suspicious and two, Jackie is a bad ass killer!


The ending to Jackie Brown is perfect. What I love about Jackie Brown is that you get to see the characters thinking. And when they are, you don’t always know what it is they are thinking about. Like when Ordell realises it was Jackie Brown that stole the money. He doesn’t just realise it, we get to watch him think like a normal human being until he figures it out.

The ending is like that. I’d like to think that it was just a bonehead move on Max’s part. I’d like to believe that he resolved to go, but it was too late and she had already gone. And he’ll probably regret not just going with her. Or KK’s idea sounds just as good too. I like that I don’t really know. I like that it is all just our opinions. Because no one’s a mind reader.


I just saw Jackie Brown for the first time.
I didn’t like the end, perhaps I will change my mind when I watch it again soon.

My initial response was WTF was Max thinking? I would have jumped into that car w/ JB in a heart beat!" Then I pondered the idea that the ATF would be onto JB for all of a sudden quitting her job (obviously) and flying off to Spain, thus he did not want to be seen as an accessory. So maybe Max saw her demise over her own actions, but if he did, he did not warn her so that thought is mute, he loved her. He HATED Ordell and wanted to see him go down I believe.

I had a couple other off the wall thoughts then a couple hours later the real reason
for that ending popped into my mind and that wishful thinking is this;


PS; We are not big on movies. If I believe it might be good we just wait for a cheap
DVD to come out. But I saw Pulp Fiction then Jackie Brown and now I want to see all things Quentin Tarentino. I asked my wife to find them all. CAN’T WAIT!

PSS Quentin, if you need an extra, let me know. I would be honored.