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The end of Elle

I read the script before I saw the movie. I have come to the conclusion that I perfer Elle dying over the “eye-poping” cheepshot delivered by Beatrix.

What do you think? Should have Elle died or met the fate she was given?

I always just assumed she was going to die anyway… trapped in that caravan with the black mamba, but it was just a cool scene and yeh I think she gets what she deserves as well as dying!

I think the eye-scene was hilarious and brilliant…QT made it the way it should’ve been made.

I think that Beatrix might have come back to the trailer, killed Elle and took the cash from that red case. How else would she have gottin that sweet ass car!

what reason would she have to leave and then come back?

…but elle could’ve died from the snake, or from bleeding to death because she can’t find a way to get help (she’s in a trailer in the middle of nowhere and how is she gonna’ find a phone? In the credits at the end somewhere…it says who’s dead and alive and stuff…and under Elle’s name, it just says “???”.

As for getting the car in the last chapter…she sells the pussy wagon to get money for a vehicle that doesn’t make her look like a lesbian. ;D

If Elle died it wouldn’t have been as funny.

And if she gets out of the trailer, away from the Black Mamba, then do you think she would live from traveling through the desert, and those cliffs, and its dying hot outside and also Elle is blind. She obviously died, just QT wanted 2 keep it in suspision.

She could very well still be alive, I mean this is the Kill Bill universe were talking about here. Where 300 year old guys jump on swords. In this QT universe Elle still being alive after being blinded and left in the middle of the desert definitely isnt out of the realm of possibility.

I still think she is gonna become the new master of the flying guillotine.

Maybe QT kept her alive for a surprise cameo in the sequel (if it’s ever made). Maybe Nikki talks to Elle for information on The Bride or something.

she’s dead, period

she’s dead, period

The theory on the go is that a sequel would involve Bea (raising BB), Sofie (raising Nikki) and Elle (training her own protege) having their appretices fighting one another…but I dont know, that sounds a little corny to me, plus I think (with a cool character like Elle) it would be kinda off to have her blind and enbittered… …I’d much rather Elle be dead at the hands of Bea and her own misfortunes, seems a much cooler and more fitting end

How wonderful would it be to see 15 years older, completely blind and angrier than ever, Elle Driver, who knows that she can’t do shit and therefore doesn’t, but only gives same kind of important information about Beatrix that Esteban Vihaio gave about Bill.

Elle is alive and she will become something like female Zatoichi!!

I still think she is gonna become the new master of the flying guillotine.
No that’s Gogo :wink:

I think pulling Elle’s eyeball out of the socket was brillant. It was just what her character deserved. Killing her would of been too easy, but making her suffer by being blind as result of both her eyeballs being pulled out was the perfect irony.