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The DiVA Squad

Uma said in her interview that Quentin wrote so many back storys and was really thorough in writing about the lives of the DVA squad.  I know he’s taking time off to have sex and live life but it would be so cool if he would feature all of them in their own movie, do it real low budget, real grind-house the way he started to do Kill Bill before it became epic.

I know we have some creative kids on this forum, I would love to hear any ideas or scenarios you guys think would be cool for any of the characters in KB, before or after Bill.  I might have more ideas after I see the movie but what are your thoughts?

Maybe a prequel of sorts. Seeing the Divas work and live with eachother. There is a great movie lurking in their backgrounds, I am sure of it.

That would be fucking awesome! Though, seeing as how KILL BILL took so long and Quentin’s doing Inglorious Bastards next, by the time he got around to it, he might have to use different actors. This might be a good thing, but…

Also, Quentin doesn’t sound like the kind of guy that does prequels. :-/

What’s interesting is how the DiVA’s seem to be based on Fox Force Five, except for one being a guy.

I’d like to see a spinoff cartoon about the DVAS’s before Kill Bill

By the guy that made the kickass batman cartoon. Or by some anime people. Also hoping for a videogame, though it’ll prolly suck like every other liscenced game

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vote for Vivica, Uma or Daryl. I voted for the FOXy babe of course ;_)

They’re based on Charlies Angels!!! Budd is Bosley and Bill is Charlie!!!


Anyway, I’d like to see it work out as an anime series or something of the sort, but I don’t think any movie featuring Bill characters would ever be true grindhouse. Everything connected to Tarantino seems to attract pretty mainstream crowds…not that that’s a bad thing.

I want to see an anime movie about Bill’s backstory, that would be cool.